Soup with chorizo ​​and white beans "Spanish motives" (multicooker Redmond RMC-02, gas hob)

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Chorizo ​​soup with white beans Spanish motives (multicooker Redmond RMC-02, gas hob)


Chicken wings 4 things
Chorizo ​​sausage 100 g
Raw smoked brisket 3 pieces
Canned white beans Bonduelle 2 banks
Sweet pepper (small) 1 PC
Carrots (medium) 1 PC
Bow (large head) 1 PC
Ketchup Heinz taste
Smoked paprika taste
Salt taste
Four Pepper Blend taste
Sweet pea 1 PC
Bay leaf tiny piece
Garlic 2 slices
Dill 4 branches
Parsley 2 branches
Vegetable oil on demand
Water on demand

Cooking method

  • I took chorizo ​​for the soup from the Myasnov store. Of course, this is not real Spanish sausage, but it is also generously seasoned with spices and paprika.
  • Put chicken wings into the multicooker bowl, pour water. Set the program "Stew. Soup", the default time is 1 hour. After 30 minutes, remove the foam.
  • In the bowl of the multicooker put uncooked smoked brisket (I had "Amber" from the "Veal Tenderness" combine), chorizo, cut into large cubes. We do not add salt, as the sausage and brisket contain a lot of salt. Cook for 10 minutes.
  • At this time, in vegetable oil, fry finely chopped onions, chopped carrots, red bell pepper cut into small pieces, salt and pepper a little. Fry for 7 minutes, then add some ketchup and smoked paprika, fry almost until tender.
  • After 10 minutes, put 1 can of white beans without liquid into the multicooker bowl. Cook for 10 minutes.
  • At this time, drain the liquid from the second jar of beans, transfer the beans to the blender bowl, add a little broth from the soup, and puree the beans. Bean puree is required to thicken the soup.
  • After 10 minutes, put the fried vegetables and mashed beans into the multicooker bowl. Add allspice, bay leaf. Add salt and pepper if necessary. Cook for 10 minutes.
  • Turn off the multicooker, remove chicken wings and pieces of brisket from the soup, we no longer need them. Add crushed garlic and chopped parsley and dill to the soup.
  • Let the soup brew for 15-20 minutes.
  • Bon Appetit!

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Tanyush, oh, and you love soups! Such a variety! Thank you)
Yes, Angela, I really love soups, you noticed that correctly)))
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Tatyana, great soup. I like it. I think the rest of my eaters will have to eat. We have chorizo, boom to cook soup.
Ksyusha, thanks for responding Spicy soup. Can the children have it?
I've just thought about this recipe, I want to change it a bit, even though I liked the soup. I think next time I will put only one can of beans, I will not mashed it. But I'll put some rice or burgur. It seems to me that it will be better. Or maybe not better))) But you need to try)))
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Tanechka, I decided this: cook broth from the wings. Then I cook the soup in the broth without adding chorizo. I feed the children with soup with the addition of chicken meat to the plates, and I puree some and serve with chirozo and brisket (you can fry it) to myself and my husband. Something like this .
Yes, then everyone will be fine))) Ksyusha, but then the brisket and sausage must be fried)))
Tanyusha, wonderful soup !!
Yesterday I twisted Chorizo ​​in my hands and left it in the store)) I'll have to return.Just after the Spanish ...., even expensive, well, not that, you know .., Lan, I'll go soak the beans. I will try to tell you WHAT came of it))
Zhanus, you’re done, you’ll cook the beans yourself, but I didn’t have time, so I used the canned one))) And I haven’t seen a real chorizo ​​anywhere (((

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