Please help me choose a stove. I read in review articles that there are ovens that bake up to 2 kg of bread. But I can't find what kind of stoves.
We have a large family, 7 people and it is planned to replenish with time. I want to bake bread and also knead yeast dough for pies, dough for pizza and dumplings, bake muffins and cakes.
If there are still no ovens for 2 kg, then at least 1.5. A friend advised Moulinex. I found a 1.5 kg mulinex oven - OW6121. I did not like the reviews about her - nothing is visible through the window. This is a big disadvantage for me. And I also did not find other mulinexes for 1.5 kg.
Please advise which one suits me best?
Thank you!

It seems to me that 2 kg is a lot. Do you have HP now? Because the production cycle of HP bread is 4 hours. Charge it at least 6 times a day))). At the same time, there will be variety: bread this way, bread that way, rich, with seeds ... All the more so. that charging HP is very fast. Further - there is always a variant of two HP. Not cheap, but you are not limited to such a narrow range. Plus, in one you can bake bread, in the second you can knead the dough for pancakes, buns, etc., or bake two different ones at the same time. Still, the family is big and tastes are different. The stove can even stand in the bedroom, if the problem is space for two. There is no dirt from it, only the smell of bread and the sound when kneading. Bring the bucket to the kitchen, pour everything and carry it back to the oven. My friend was standing on the windowsill in the hall)). behind the curtain)). One huge device if you are busy - that's it, you are without a stove for several hours at all. You can now buy one "weighty" one for about 1200g, start using it, figure out what will / will not suit you, what it feels like to you, and then buy whatever you like or not buy anything else - you may not need it. In addition, it is quite problematic to knead something in a large bucket: it drives a small amount of food and smears it.

And the most important thing. I have 5 people in my family (I am with my husband and three children: daughter 4 years old, sons 12 and 18 years old). We don't eat that much bread. Of the three bread options of my HP Panasonic, I bake the smallest size for 400 g of flour and is not always eaten. Because the excitement, even for their own bread, quickly passes. Trust my HP experience (already about 13 years).
katya2, you need professional equipment for cafes and canteens for your volumes. The dough mixer and the cabinet are professional, and it can straighten dough pieces and bake them at all set parameters, temperature, with steam. This is a question of several hundred thousand rubles. Isn't it easier to buy two Panasonic bread makers and bake a loaf weighing 900 grams in each? Each bread maker consumes 550 watts of maximum baking capacity, so any household power grid can handle this load. For the task of quickly sterilizing canned food, I bought two pressure cookers at once. I turn on two at once.
I will add about the "window". In any oven, you can open the lid during kneading and see what is happening there and how. In a stove with a window, it fogs up and you still can't see anything. Therefore, you should not focus on it when choosing. Indeed, it is worth choosing a reliable device, the programs that it contains. But these chips - baguette holders and so on - are already secondary.

I had two bread makers LV and Panasonic. One with a window, the other without. Because of the window on the bread, a white square was obtained, and without a window, an even dome.

Panas has a large loaf - 600 grams of flour. If we are talking about plain white bread, this is about 1 kg. In the current loaves - three pieces. So I can't imagine a family, even of 7 people, which can make three loaves of bread a day.If bread with additives is about 1.2 kg. Also a lot. For my family of 3 adults, I now bake 1 loaf of 500 grams of flour per week. Quite enough. When there are guests, I make two bookmarks.

There is another option. Kneading the dough takes two hours and baking in the oven in the form of bars. While the first batch is standing in the oven, the second is kneaded by the bread maker. After 5 hours (come up, fill in the ingredients, put the dough into shapes - it takes 15 minutes) - there will be some excellent breads. And they can be different, as the girls wrote here.

Dough. Here's the bad luck. One baking sheet of pies comes out of a pound of flour. Pieces 16-20. Again, eaten at a time, you can bake new ones. And don't overeat too much)
Thanks for answers!
I don't want to bother with two stoves. I plan that the children will bake bread. Of course, we don't eat 2 kg a day. 2 kg is needed for pie dough. We have 5 children and often guests come, and even in summer we often go to nature, we dry crackers and sandwiches on hikes and take the same pies. 2 kg would be convenient. But bread, after all, can be baked in a smaller size in a large oven.
We borrowed a 600 g stove from friends for a while. This is definitely not enough for us.

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I don't want to bake bread every day, there are enough worries without it. I thought about baking a loaf every 3 days. And not 2 kg, but 1 for example.
In the small stove that we rented, the window did not fog up and the color of the crust was clearly visible. I think it was LG, I don't remember. In my opinion, this is very convenient.
Since no one said about 2 kg, then maybe you would recommend a stove for 1.5 kg?
The window, in my opinion, is not the most important parameter. I put out what kind of crust you want and bakes, what to look at? If you look at a kolobok, correct it, then you need to open it anyway.
Quote: katya2
2 kg is needed for pie dough.
So can you buy a dough mixer?
The largest bread machine that I have come across is Unold 68511. There the maximum weight of a loaf is 1800g. It costs 26,000

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For this money, you can take 2 Gorenje BM1400E with a loaf size of 1400 g at the price of 9350 and still have to buy a standard bread machine.
Sonya sadova
Moulinexes are baked with two 1500 stirrers. Although they complain about them, I don't know. This is my first bread maker (at that time, the newest and most expensive - at least eight years old, it is lazy to look for a check), plowed the yak of the animal, arzhan bread every two days, dumplings - yeast any at least three times a week. The trouble is the button has fused. Thanks to the advisers from this forum - I used a single-slotted screwdriver in the middle with a needle file, disassembled it, cleaned it. Again the yak of the beast. The bucket, however, once bought a new one and mixers.
I had about the same. The first was Moulinex. The top did not turn red, the bucket peeled off, the stirrer remained in the bread, the oil seal dripped. In short, after 3.5 years I just threw it away and took the Panasonic.
Sonya sadova
Of all, the stirrers remained in the bread. But I learned to take them out in time. I made the bucket and the stirrers inadvertently.
Or maybe 2? Regular. We put the dough, after 20 minutes in another. Just the first baking sheet for proofing and in the oven, while the first batch is baking, the second dough came up, it was cut into and into the proofer. Of course, I painted this approximately in time. In the summer in the village we gather as a family. There generally pens)))))) and bread is not for everybody. And I think it depends on the stove. I have a mule, 4 hours. Not enough, does not ferment bread to the end, but wild heartburn. I stopped baking in it. Bread. Only for the dough or for the pate. Relatives have a panason for 6 hours. Bread is better.
I have Moulinex faithfully serving the ninth year. With two mixers, but although the declared weight is 1.5 kg, the kilogram crust is already slightly higher than the bucket, so I bake these. A couple of months ago I changed the bucket, in the old one, the blades were already turning too bad. There are no complaints about the stove.
So you need to take Mulinex and not steam with the window. I think we will. Thank you all for the experience and advice!

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