Chicken sausage in a multicooker Redmond RMC-02. A la su-vid. Mode * heating *.
Category: Meat dishes
minced chicken 1 kg
oat flakes 100 ml
edible salt 1 tsp
nitrite salt 0.5 tsp
allspice (spices to taste and desire) 1 tbsp. l.
Cooking method

I took ready-made minced chicken cutter. You can make minced meat at home if you want, a food processor or chopper can help, and a meat grinder is fine too.
Mixing spirals mixed everything, minced meat cutter, already well broken and smeared.
Since the minced meat contains nitrite salt - minced meat in the refrigerator stood for one and a half days, it is recommended from a day to two. In the morning I took the minced meat out of the refrigerator, put it in the Redyushik bowl, stood for 3 hours on the table, warmed up a little. I put it in a slow cooker. Heating mode. Using a table from a sous-prominent topic, I decided that I would bring it to the maximum t, and bake it for no more than an hour, the thickness of the minced meat layer in half a bowl, just 5 cm.
start mince = 18 *
after 1 hour = 48 *
after 1.5 hours = 58 *
after 1 hour 45 minutes = 63 *
after 2 hours 15 minutes = 68 *, after another 15 minutes = 68 *, everything is max, turned off, after half an hour took out the sausage layer
Total: 3 hours cooking time = 2.5 hours on \ 30 minutes off (t has not decreased, radically well done).
The layer is dense, dark pinkish in the section. A couple of tablespoons of broth merged, but it would have been absorbed when it cooled down, it was just interesting how much it turned out. I put the * sausage * into a container and into the cold.
For t, I watched with the temperature probe from Teskomovskaya ham: after an hour of cooking, I removed the steam valve, closed the hole tightly with the foil from the chocolate (it is soft and tamped well into the recess for the valve), pierced the foil with the temperature probe and introduced it into the minced meat, by that time it had already thickened , not to the bottom, in the middle of the minced meat.
I'm happy with the result, I'll repeat it with different meats. And without nitrite salt too. Then I'll add the onion. I use cereal flakes as a filler.
We have a lot of sausage recipes on our forum, choose to taste.

Why did I decide * to see * minced chicken in a multicooker bowl? It's interesting. I have a couple of Teskomovsky ham, but I put them in a slow cooker, if you need just ham, here is a press to help. But the sausage, and even in not a large amount, so as not to wrap it in a film, not to stick it in the intestines, but to cook it without any hassle - and I thought about baby Redmond and about the * heating * mode, t on it is just right ... And the Redusha is small, the Teskomovsky temperature probe goes into it to the bottom, you can not open the lid, t not lose.

My meat is slow-growing, now, on occasion, and will be sausage.

Any slow cooker will do the same.
Irsha, IRA, have to follow in your footsteps. You have found a very interesting solution.
I wasn't going to, but I'm going to dismember the chicken. And how leeeey.
Quote: Wildebeest
And how leeeey.
don't you take ready-made minced meat? I often take, just lazy meat grinder

I take minced meat in two places, everything is fine

Added Monday 20 Feb 2017 03:41 PM

although punching in the grinder is a matter of three minutes
Irsha, Ira, I haven't bought minced meat for a long time. I don't know about you, but we make minced meat from HZCH. And once I bought minced meat at all, began to fry cutlets, the smell of a mixture of offal began. The taste is disgusting. I threw it out. I fried slices of bread, anointed them with garlic, and it tasted better.
Quote: Wildebeest
from hzch
I don't take it anywhere either, where I take it - although it is more expensive than minced meat, but good

yes - in the process of frying, all the flaws come out

cook, then tell me if it's good or not
Irsha, Irina, cool recipe! I will definitely try. Thank you!
Ehhh ... if I could see the photo, it would be great
what subtleties! but I really wanted to try, I also have Redmond. is the recipe and cooking process suitable for any model?

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