Vegetable soup * Spring lazy * in a multicooker Redmond RMC-02.
On dried vegetables.
Category: First courses
dried vegetables maximum 500 ml
salted baked pork brisket meat 100-200 ml
salt, pepper 0.5 tsp.
Cooking method

The soup is * lazy * because you don't need to wash, peel or crush anything to make it. The meat is also ready-made and sliced. The principle is just add water.
Vegetables - dried, fine cuts for drying. I dry a lot, except potatoes.
So: I take a pinch of onion, cabbage, eggplant, carrots, beets, tomatoes, bell peppers. The composition can vary as desired, but beets, tomatoes, onions, carrots are the basis for a beautiful color and rich taste of the broth. I fill a third of the bowl with dried dried products. I add salt and pepper.
I add finely (2-3 cm) chopped meat. I pour cold water up to the max mark. Program * stewing * 1 hour. Dried vegetables will take a little water.
The soup is fragrant, color and taste are bright. Vegetables are not discolored. Pieces of meat are spicy and salty.

The dish is designed for 1.5 liters
Cooking time: min 10 for filling the bowl + 1 hour of cooking
Cooking program: * stewing *
Where do I get the meat:
I bought 3 layers of pork belly with good meat layers in the store, salted them with dry salting (salt + allspice, 21 days of salting). Then I baked them in AG (40 minutes per serving), the meat layers turned out to be salty, cut them out of bacon, cut them into pieces, put them in a container, store them in the refrigerator.

Such salty baked pieces are good, delicious on their own with bread, in soup, in scrambled eggs, when frying potatoes.
Such meat in the soup retains its salinity, very tasty. And the broth turns out to be light, not greasy, vegetables give their taste and color well. And since the meat is ready-made and the dried meat is half-ready, no foam is formed during cooking, the broth is the most transparent.

I put the salt and pepper left after dry salting separately, use it as salt and pepper.

She baked the brisket in the AG as needed - the lard got hard, baked it and did not regret it. The fat has become soft, and the meat is salty, aromatic from pepper.

And so we liked the taste of such meat in the soup that now I will specially buy pork belly with the widest possible meat layers, salt with different spices and bake.

It is very convenient to have a stock of vegetable dried meat and ready-made salt meat.

You can cook such a soup in any slow cooker, on the stove over a low heat, in a slow cooker, as long as there is almost no boiling, so that the broth remains transparent and the meat does not boil, all the tastes remain in the pan, and not in the air.
Instead of brisket, you can take a good * Hunter sausage *

Vegetable soup * Spring lazy * in a multicooker Redmond RMC-02. On dried vegetables
Irina, an interesting soup, I have dried vegetables, I stewed them, but I didn't try to cook the soup, I need to stir it up, thanks for the idea
I have a question, how much eggplant is boiled in the soup?
I stewed them for 2 hours, soaking them first, but they still do not turn out tasty
kind of soft, but like soggy plywood or something
I understand that it is not fresh, but I don’t like it, it costs 2 cans I don’t know what to do with them
Quote: sveta-Lana
not tasty
Sveta, eggplants themselves are none, like zucchini, they are instead of potatoes, as a filler, and they are also useful. Beets + tomatoes + peppers + onions play brightly in the soup, they give the main taste.

Vegetables are not soft-boiled, they are straightened, but keep their shape.

For drying, I cut the vegetables on a small or medium berner, the dryers are thin, and there are no burdocks in the soup either.

It is not necessary to cook dried meat for a long time, they have been dried for a long time and have cooked a little.

Added Thursday, 30 Mar 2017 5:02 pm

Winter mixed soup with a secret. in the jelly

Borscht with vitamin supplement

my dried hams rule most of the year
Irina, I liked the zucchini taste more than eggplant
I also tried to chop vegetables for drying thinly,
but I didn't like the eggplants, apparently I just have that taste, most likely I won't harvest them like that anymore, I'd better freeze them
lana light
Quote: Irsha

Salt and pepper, remaining after dry salting, I add separately, use as salt and pepper.
Here's mine! And I always used to throw out salt with spices after bacon! what a bastard!
And now I switched to salting bacon in brine ... And the salt stopped remaining ... There is no happiness in life ...
And the recipe is excellent! A lot of land itself in a season! And also besides potatoes ... I'm very interested in the brisket / belly!
Thanks for bookmarking!
Quote: Lana's Light
And now I switched to salting bacon in brine ...
I must also try it, otherwise I’ve got used to a long dry ambassador all my life, as dad did, and I do he was a veterinarian and believed that lard and especially meat should be well salted and fermented, 3 weeks of salting is the norm
lana light
Yes, try lard in brine! I really liked it! Tumanchik has a theme "Just fat", I took the recipe from there. Delicious!
Quote: Lana's Light
lard in brine!

suitable for subsequent baking
Ira, what an excellent recipe, and how intelligibly everything is written, I will definitely cook, a big, big THANKS
My grandmother also told me that earlier than after 3 weeks, salted bacon cannot be tasted, it needs to ripen (she probably did not know the word fermentation)
Oksana.. Such soups have become in my love. Tomatoes in soup - the taste is very enticing. That's because of the enth sodium glutamate, such a not annoying taste, but natural glutamate
I don’t eat bacon from strangers, if it is not boiled and not baked, because everyone is sure that 3-5 days is enough for salting.
My dad dries in the oven, made metal grates and dries mushrooms, dill and carrots. I need to ask him to dry me beets, tomatoes and peppers. His carrots have such a spirit and sweetness that I put a little bit in soups and it turns out awesome.
I can imagine what your scent is, drooling.
About homemade bacon, a separate song
So I bought pork brisket again - thick pieces, enough meat, 6 kg, 4 pieces, they brought me from a wholesale store along with other ordered products, I use the services delivery Need for invention is cunning # 612

Salted: for 1 kg of meat = 3 tbsp. l. salt + 1 tbsp. l. allspice powder + 0.5 tsp. red pepper. It lasted 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

I baked half in AG - fried, especially the skin, stewed half in a slow cooker (1 hour + 1 hour for * keeping warm *), without water, it turned out in its own juice.
Again with a good supply of soft bacon, and crispy skin, and slightly salty tasty meat.

My husband bought potatoes in our store, it turned out to be of an old crop. And what to do, I cooked - at the bottom of the multicooker (redmond 02, hard worker), using kitchen scissors, I thinly cut the toasted pork skin (it is easily removed from the bacon), sprinkled with dried onions, carrots and red bell pepper, added chopped meat from the brisket and potatoes, slightly off the max. Poured water up to the max.

Program * soup-stewing * 1 hour, on * heating * for half an hour.
Potatoes * corrected * - with such neighbors it is a sin to remain not tasty
Thick vegetable soup
dried carrots, onions, cabbage, peppers, parsley, tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini ...
I want a lazy soup)))
AlenKa, yeah ... we are so lazy lazy

Bon appetite !!!
An excellent lazy option, the only thing left is to dry the vegetables ...
Give a reference on the topic about all these drying vegetables, what and how ... and in general about such blanks.
Palych, that way
Electric dryer recipes
Quote: sveta-Lana
costs 2 cans I don't know what to do with them
Svetlana,I faced the same problem - I no longer dry it ready, I used it a little in a stew

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