Compote sauce

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Compote sauce


Fruit and berries from compote 500 ml
Salt 1 teaspoon
Mustard (ready-made) 1 teaspoon
Vinegar (or cherry juice, red currant juice) up to 1 tablespoon
Sugar (optional) taste
Curry, dry ginger, other favorite spices (optional) taste
Olive or sunflower oil OK. 150 ml

Cooking method

  • The idea of ​​the sauce is inspired by the incomparable Romin apple mayonnaise. "Expanding and deepening" Romin's recipe, I received this product, which I have been using for more than a month. I'll make a reservation right away that I really love the fruity note in hot and cold dishes. If you avoid bright fruity notes, the recipe is not yours.
  • So let's get started)
  • 1. Cook compote. The most common, favorite way, from your favorite fruits and berries.
  • I cook in a slow cooker on the "soup" program (1 hour), then stand under the lid from an hour to night.
  • This time, the compote included dried apricots, raisins, tangerines, dried and fresh apples, dried pears and frozen cherries.
  • Compote sauce
  • 2. We discard fruits-berries in a colander, let them drain
  • Compote sauce
  • 3. Transfer to any shredder
  • Compote sauce
  • 4. Add oil, salt and mustard and grind until smooth.
  • The recipe is intuitive, so add half the specified salt / mustard rate first. Try it. Add salt if necessary. If there is not enough sweetness, add sugar. Low acid - splash vinegar or any sour juice (I often bring lemon or red currant, cherry is also good). The rate of oil is also conditional and depends on the desired thickness of the sauce and the moisture content of the feedstock.
  • 5. The sauce is ready. If you wish, you can add your favorite spices. For this amount, I add either a teaspoon of curry or half a teaspoon of dry ginger. I tried to add horseradish - I didn't like it.
  • Compote sauce
  • Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

about 300 ml

Time for preparing:

5 minutes

Cooking program:



1. In the refrigerator the sauce thickens slightly, evens out the structure. But it is ready immediately after grinding.
2. I use this sauce for dressing meat and vegetable salads, serve it with hot meat and liver and use it to pre-marinate meat before baking (in this case, I increase the rate of mustard, acid and spices).
Hope you like it too
3. Absolutely any fruits and berries are suitable for making the sauce. It is better if they are without small seeds.
I like the combinations (raisins + dried apricots + apple + tangerine or lemon) and (apple + lingonberry or cranberry). But I also had to do it from blueberries. If the berries taste neutral, compensate with acid, sugar and salt.

Oh, what a great recipe! I haven’t thought of this yet. I just baked meat with berries, very tasty! And then there's waste-free production. Thank you. I will definitely do it.
Chamomile1, Try it. There is a chance that you will like
And, if you eat cabbage and carrot salads with mayonnaise, try replacing mayonnaise with this sauce. It turns out differently than with classic mayonnaise, but also delicious
I will tell you a secret that pork with apple and mint is just an extraordinary taste. You can have a little hot pepper, or without it. Try it. I feel that we are similar in taste. At least I've been following you on recipes lately. A bit off the topic of the recipe, sorry. I just remembered as soon as I read this recipe.
Irina, I will definitely try! I always have dried fruits in bulk, as we constantly drink infusion from them. Therefore, their disposal is always relevant. I even bake pancakes from them)))) Thank you very much for the idea!
Chamomile1, everything about the kitchen - in the subject of the recipe So write, I will also write down something for you
I like pork, I like apple, mint too. It means that everything together will be pleasant. I will definitely try. Thank you!

Tumanchik, so I started with recycling, but grew into a big love (for the sauce)
IvaNova, Irina, great recipe, must be a delicate sauce, bookmark ... thanks a lot ..
kristina1, yes, if the berries are without small seeds, then the structure of the sauce is uniform. At the same time, the taste (due to the taste of the berries) is very bright. And after testing this rich taste, I chose "sunny" spices. "Cold" spices bring dissonance
IvaNova, Irina, thank you, I will definitely do ... a lot of fruits ... that only people will not come up with ... for themselves loved ones .. bravo.
With a pain in my heart, I threw away the berries and fruits after boiling the compote ... How much good was gone!
Irisha, thank you for this recipe! I immediately understood: mine! I will definitely do so.
Irina, interesting recipe: sweet fruit for the sauce Compote sauce
Maybe when I'll try to do
Albina, try it! If the family uses recipes for meat with fruits (apples, raisins and prunes), then the sauce will take root
IvaNova, Irina, thanks for the recipe! And we use poultry meat with dried fruits! I will definitely prepare and report! Thanks for the find!
Ira, take the report:
Compote sauce
A mixture of compote berries, black currant + cranberry. Then everything is according to the recipe. Tasty !!! For the first time it was consumed with baked pumpkin. But in general, the meat will be the very thing.
Thanks again for the recipe!
gala10, oh what a bright color it turned out! Straight slice of summer)
I am very glad that I liked the recipe
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