Beet syrup (molasses)

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Beet syrup (molasses)


peeled beets (preferably sugar) 700 gram
sugar 4 tbsp. spoons

Cooking method

  • Beet syrup (molasses)Peel and wash the beets.
  • Beet syrup (molasses)
  • Beet syrup (molasses)Grate the beets on a very fine grater. I used a pancake grater. You can go a very easy way. Just squeeze out the juice with a juicer.
  • Beet syrup (molasses)If you grated the beets, then you need to sprinkle it with a spoonful of sugar, stir and leave for 30 minutes so that the juice starts to stand out well.
  • Beet syrup (molasses)Fold the cheesecloth in three, put the grated beets into it and squeeze the juice well. Men's hands will not interfere here.
  • Beet syrup (molasses)
  • Beet syrup (molasses)I got 420 milliliters of juice. Add sugar and place on the stove. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and boil it 2.5-3 times. The syrup should not be pulled by the thread. It should thicken slightly. As it cools, it will become thicker and should have the consistency of liquid honey.
  • Pour into a jar, let cool, refrigerate. Store there.

The dish is designed for

140 milliliters


The technology of making molasses (black syrup), as a by-product of sugar production, was invented back in the 6th century by a French scientist named Olivier de Serra. His methodological developments on the use of sugar beet were found only in 1747. But the flourishing of this industry began only in the time of Napoleon.
Currently, this molasses is used for dyeing sugar crystals, for the manufacture of confectionery. In addition, you can get not very high quality alcohol or a special Thai whiskey called "Hong Thong" from molasses.
Molasses contains a lot of useful microelements, for example, B vitamins, which do not decompose during heat treatment. (a source
Ideally, there should be sugar beets. If you have it, then you do not need to use sugar when boiling. Your molasses will turn black.
Treacle is also used in animal husbandry. She feeds the animals. For male fishermen, it serves as a good bait for fish.
I have not tried to use it yet. Of course, it has a beet flavor and a specific smell. But in baked goods this will not be heard, because a little molasses is added. You can cook molasses from any sugar-containing vegetables and fruits. At its core, it is syrup.

How interesting!
olga-olga, Thank you. Now it remains only to experience in practice)

Angela, Thank you!
Added recipe to baking ingredients catalog
Tanyush, I will be glad if it comes in handy)
my mom ... well, they will not think of anything !!! really looking forward to continuing. where do you apply it)
I'll try)
Many years ago I bought something similar to sweet-salty-tasting syrup in 250 g glass. bottles. It was proposed to use it for intensive coloring of borscht. How I liked this "sauce" then! I was looking for a way to cook it at home, but I could not find it, apparently because I did not know the magic word PATOKA.
Thank you Angela for the recipe. I'm just sure. that beet syrup is exactly the "sauce" and I will definitely try to make it.
Lena, I will be glad if this is exactly "that". Only the molasses is not salty at all. So either add salt or use it like that. I myself thought that for the color in the borscht itself it is. If you cook and apply, then share later. Good?
ang-kay, Angela, of course, I'll tell you everything. I think the salt was just added to the molasses. This year I will process all small beets into molasses. Moreover, you can use molasses as a food coloring. And you don't need to add salt.I still always add sugar or a little honey to borscht.
I will wait.
Angela! What a wonderful recipe. As far as I understand, if through a juicer, then you can not clean the beetroot fines. Wash only with a brush
And we sell it, but the composition is horror
Fodder syrup (molasses)
Composition: water, nitrogenous compounds, 58-60% carbohydrates (mainly sugar), ash.
Price: 70 rubles / liter
Yulia, Thank you. I think that if you wash very well, then you may not clean, but I would clean
baba nata
ang-kay, Angela, an interesting recipe, we look forward to continuing!
Natalia, Thank you. So it is Cookies with molasses and raisins
I still have the juice from the boiled beets, the consistency is almost the same. I used them to tint mashed potatoes, biscuit creams, borscht. Now I tried to make it according to your recipe, it's worth cooling down.
Elena, well, how is the result?
Angela, I don’t know yet, there is no time to try, they don’t let go The consistency turned out to be (cooled) thick. I think I will use your experience.
Well, great)
Girls, is there a sequel? For borscht, the most THAT! And if you tint the cottage cheese in cheesecakes ...
Antonina, in cheesecakes may change color during baking. It will be ugly.
Good afternoon, Angela! Thanks for the interesting molasses recipe. I need molasses to add to the dough when baking cookies.
Irina, I will be glad if it comes in handy. Only when adding soda and baking, the color changes.
Quote: Tosha
For borscht, the most THAT! And if you tint the cottage cheese in cheesecakes ...
What borscht ?! What cheesecakes ?! Add yeast, drive out the moonshine!

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