Chocolate cupcakes "Summer bouquet"

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Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet


Wheat flour 230 gr.
Chocolate (milk / black) 70 gr.
Milk 120 g
Baking powder 1.5 tsp.
Salt pinch
Butter 100 g
Sugar 150 gr.
Chicken eggs 2 pcs.
Cognac (liqueur) 1 tbsp. l. optional
Cocoa 2 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • All ingredients for making cupcakes should be at room temperature.
  • Let's start, perhaps, with the preparation of chocolate milk: bring the milk to a boil (but not boil it), fill it with the broken chocolate and mix well. Cool it down.
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • Sift flour with cocoa, salt and baking powder.
  • Beat butter with sugar until fluffy and whitening.
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • Then add eggs one at a time and beat after adding each one. The dough after adding eggs and brandy looks like this
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • Then add alternately: a third of the flour with cocoa - half of the chocolate milk - another third of the flour with cocoa - the second half of the milk with chocolate - the last part of the flour mixture.
  • We get a delicate glossy dough
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • We lay out the dough in tins, filling them in half, and lay out the berries (in my case, currants, but it can be any filler)
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • Cover the currants with another tablespoon of dough:
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • And bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes. We check readiness with a wooden skewer
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • Cool down
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • And we get such a nice thing:
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • Decorate as desired (I have a protein custard)
  • Chocolate cupcakes Summer bouquet
  • Bon appetit and enjoy the baking process! :)))

The dish is designed for

12 cupcakes

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:

Oven, mixer, blender

Scops owl
Vika, as always, simply masterpiece. Imagine how delicious it is with currants. Slight sourness with chocolate. And just decorated with mortality. Very nice. I admire your work.
Scops owl, thank you, Larochka :))) It's infinitely nice to hear such kind words
Kinglet, Vika,: girl-swoon: what can I say ... fly away .. beauty and wrap it up for me ..: plach7: thanks for such a lovely ..
kristina1, take it to your health :))) They really taste good
Kinglet, Vikulya, chocolate and currant -mmm .... Yummy !!! And the bouquets are just super!
Vikulya, well done !!! I recognized you from the photo of the caps))) As always, the beauty is indescribable !!!
kirpochka, Natick, anuta-k2002, Anya, thank you girls :)))
Kinglet, Vika, did not have time to look back and here triple roses !!!
Ava11, Allochka, I made them together - it was necessary to be somehow different :)))
What a beauty!!!!!
Albinka (Alya)
Class! Just in time for tea, you need to bake something, which means I will bake them too, I really like cupcakes with berries
What a beauty! Golden pens!
Tanyulya, Tanyusha, thanks, but they are also very tasty, really really
Albinka (Alya), Alechka, try it - no fuss, and the result, I hope, will please :)))

sleepyhead, Svetochka, thank you very much, I am very pleased :)))
Vika, delicious! Very harmonious, gentle, alright !!!
eye, thanks, Tanya, I tried :)))
So what to do now? Currant cupcakes are good, and chocolate ones are even more beautiful. I don’t know the taste (chocolate ones have a clearly different taste, but also probably delicious).
Quote: lungwort
So what to do now?
Slowly trying all the Chocolate appeared, because I wanted such cupcakes so that the chocolate was clearly felt in the taste - it seemed to work out)))
Vika, I want to try everything! True, this is impossible. About professionalism - If not you, then who?
Quote: lungwort
True, this is impossible
What a pity...
Quote: lungwort
About professionalism - If not you, then who?
Oh, yes, on our forum, you can easily roll up a list of pages for two or three - just look at the profile themes: cream, mastic, mousse cakes, cakes with chocolate or fruit - there the girls get up soooo And I'm a professional (I want to hope) in something completely different in fact, but this sweet passion does not let go of itself
Sympathetic it is kaaaak
Zhannptica, thanks, Zhanna :)))
Vikulya, how delicious, beautiful and chocolatey !!!!! Thank you for spoiling us!
kavmins, Marishka, thank you for not passing by and trust my recipes :)))
look what I dug, maybe it will come in handy ???
kavmins, thank you, Marishka, a wonderful video :))) I generally like this girl and her work very much - while I am over the peonies suffered I was happy, I watched all of her videos ten times: she is smart, but it is almost impossible to repeat after her - she, as an artist, puts every stroke in a new way, you need to feel it somehow in a special way :)))
Vika, how many tasty things do you have!
Natalisha, yes, quite a bit, Natul, it was my child who celebrated the beginning of the vacation at work, ordered cupcakes for myself, and I'm glad to try :)))
Quote: Korolek
it was my child who celebrated the beginning of vacation at work, ordered cupcakes for myself,
Leaving vacation should also be noted))) Cake or caps)))
Quote: kirpochka
Leaving vacation should also be noted))) Cake or kakpikami)))
Absolutely and obligatory, Natulik, but before that another month)))
Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Vikus, congratulations on the next (I think, not the last) medal! You're doing fine!
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Olga VB
My bubochka! I will be able to!
Vikulya, wish you victory! Smart girl!
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Kinglet, Vikul, with Victory to you !!! : girl_claping: You are smart !!!
kirpochka, Natick, thanks, it's all because you are with me :)))

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