Shortbread cookies with cocoa (Philips pasta machine)

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Shortbread cookies with cocoa (Philips pasta machine)


Wheat flour 170 g
Corn starch 20 g
Cocoa powder 10 g
Butter 60 g
Large egg 1 PC.
Fine salt pinch
Fine sugar (sugar powder is better) 55-60 g
Baking powder 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • Tired of making the same cookies from the instructions for the pasta machine, I decided to diversify the repertoire! :)
  • In general, it turned out to be the most ordinary cookie from the category, so that there was something to chew. I think the recipe will be interesting for the owners of the pasta machine.
  • The cooking process is simple - everything is strictly according to the instructions.
  • Install the cookie attachment into the machine.
  • We slightly heat the oil in the microwave. It must become soft in order to mix evenly with the egg. The egg should be at room temperature. Add salt to this mixture.
  • Put all the dry ingredients - flour, starch, baking powder, sugar and cocoa powder - into the mixing compartment.
  • We close the lid and turn on the cooking mode for products with an egg. Immediately start pouring the egg-oil mixture through the dispenser.
  • Shortbread cookies with cocoa (Philips pasta machine)Place the baking sheet lined with baking paper or a non-stick mat directly over the machine.
  • As the dough arrives, cut it off with a cookie cutter and immediately put it on a baking sheet.
  • Shortbread cookies with cocoa (Philips pasta machine)
  • My machine squeezes out the cookies with a slight curve on one side, so they don't look the same. From what this happens, until I figured it out.
  • If the correct shape of the cookies is important to you, then you can squeeze a long layer onto a baking sheet and cut evenly into squares or rectangles.
  • We bake at 180C for 12-15 minutes. My oven bakes longer.


Regular cookies, but my husband asks that they always be for tea. And I'm good, you can do something else, more complex, not to bake! I do it when I take out the pasta machine. After that, I immediately make cookies by changing the nozzle.

Rada-dms, thanks for the recipe. I bought a car, but I haven’t yet flown, I’ll bookmark it. very nice pechenyugi.
Rada-dms, thank you very much, now we will make such cookies too!
There were other cookies too, I remember everything! We are waiting for another recipe!
Rada-dms, and if there is no miracle machine. Will you make cookies? And thinly need to split?
lettohka ttt
Rada-dms, Olga, cookies are lovely to see! Mmmm looks very appetizing! The photo is just awesome!

Shortbread cookies with cocoa (Philips pasta machine)
I made cookies according to your recipe. It turned out delicious. Thanks for the recipe.
domovoyx, Alexey, thanks for the wonderful report with a beautiful photo!
The cookie turned out to be very attractive! We need to think of something else for our car!

Rada-dms, you must come up with
domovoyx, I baked and photographed with carob, but I sowed the recording of the weight of the ingredients ... But there are ideas, you can still come up with a lot, despite the technological limitations.
My machine is small and there is no cookie attachment and they are not in the recipe book either. Ol, can I make a lasagna nozzle, what do you think? Or will it hurt thin?
Antonovka, cookie cutters sold separately
I already understood)) Now I would understand if they are for small cars or only for large ones))
Antonovkayou need to look at the Amazon
Quote: Antonovka
Now I would like to understand if they are for small cars or only for large ones))
Lena, only for the big ones.
Bummer-s. Thank you, Gal!
Quote: Antonovka
Buy the big elephant ..
My little one only lives for a week))

The most important thing is that we have enough volume and takes up less space (so it lives in a box in the bedroom - there is no place anywhere else)

Antonovka, then just improvise :-)
Press the spaghetti out of this dough and make a cookie nest))

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