Farmerskiy bread (lush white bread)

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Farmer's bread (lush white bread)


Serum 335 g
Dry yeast 2.5 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 1 tbsp. l.
Sunflower oil 3 tbsp. l.
Flour 570 g

Cooking method

  • Chill the whey in the refrigerator (you can replace it with water or milk + water). Pour whey into a bucket, add sugar, yeast, salt and oil. Then the sifted flour. Usually I pour 550 g, the rest is ready, pour on a bun. Basic program, medium or dark crust, weight 900 g. It is undesirable to use a delayed start in this recipe, the bread will turn out to be less lush

The dish is designed for

900 g

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:



I found this recipe on the Internet about 5 years ago. The sequence of bookmarking products is not the same as in the instructions for my HP, but I follow it. The crumb of bread is not dry, with large holes, similar to the one that is sold as a collective farm or farm


Marina, thanks for the bread

I would like to clarify for which model of x / stove this recipe and its baking technology are designed?
And yeast is somehow extraordinary a lot, like for baked goods. (See instructions to Panas, for example).
From here, it can be seen, and ascends.
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Good day! I bake in LG HB-201JE. Basic mode, 3:40, medium or dark crust. Yes, there is usually less yeast in recipes. There is not much sugar, so it turns out not sweet, good for sandwiches and for soup. Yeast nutrition, as I understand it, gives an increased amount of oil. The recipe has been checked many times, although it was taken from the Internet, and not from the book of recipes for HP)
an_domini, Olya, I had LG, and now Panasonic. LG in all recipes according to the instructions of yeast requires much more than other HPs
In Panas, with so much bread would run away from the bucket
Alla, and they tried to bake in LG according to Panas standard: 500 g of flour, 1.5 tsp. dry yeast?
The forum always says that all recipes are for all ovens.
In addition to Panasonic, I also have Kenwood 450, in both HP I bake according to the same recipes, everything is the same.
For a long time on the forum I laid out a comparison of bread in Panas and Kene according to one French recipe, the photos have not survived, the difference was in quality in favor of Panas, both rose well in height, there the buckets are slightly different.
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Quote: solmazalla

an_domini, Olya, I had LG, and now Panasonic. LG in all recipes according to the instructions of yeast requires much more than other HPs
The recipe is not from the LG book) But it is just that. For any HP. At first I was also afraid that he would run away or peroxide with so much yeast. But all is well)
Hello today, your bread is delicious. thanks for the recipe. I can't insert photos yet
We have been doing home baking for over 10 years. At first, they baked bread according to the recipes attached to the bread maker, but then they switched to a bread recipe, in which only flour, water, salt and yeast, of course. Yeast for 600-700 grams of flour, about 2.5 grams. Dry bakery yeast Dr. Oetker.
We add wheat flour to wheat flour, you can add wheat groats (grind it a little in a coffee grinder).
The yeast is minimal because this is a recipe for bread and dough. First, a dough of half the flour, water and yeast is put for 3 hours. After this dough, the rest of the flour and salt are loaded into the bread maker and baked according to the "main" or "Russian chef" mode (for the LG HB-206CE bread machine). Time 3h 40m.
A little "dancing with a tambourine" but it turns out good bread with a minimum of ingredients. The yeast does not need sugar in the sponge method. This recipe may be suitable for those who have time (because of the dough). But it's worth it.
For some reason, I think that if the recipe contains butter, sugar, then this is already a type of muffin, rolls. Maybe I'm wrong.

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