"Zaatar" spice mixture (zaatar, satar, zatar, zatr)

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Zaatar spice mixture (zaatar, satar, zatar, zatr)


marjoram 1 tbsp. l.
oregano 1 tbsp. l.
basil 1 tbsp. l.
thyme 1 tbsp. l.
sumakh (sumak) 2/3 st. l.
zira 2/3 tsp
sesame 1 tbsp. l.
salt 1/3 tsp

Cooking method

  • Zaatar spice mixture (zaatar, satar, zatar, zatr)Measure all the ingredients into a bowl except sesame seeds. Fry sesame seeds in a dry frying pan and let cool.
  • Zaatar spice mixture (zaatar, satar, zatar, zatr)Transfer the mixture to a coffee grinder and grind well.
  • Zaatar spice mixture (zaatar, satar, zatar, zatr)Pour out, add sesame seeds.
  • Zaatar spice mixture (zaatar, satar, zatar, zatr)Mix everything, transfer to a jar and close the lid tightly.
  • Zaatar spice mixture (zaatar, satar, zatar, zatr)
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


Zaatar is very popular in the Middle East - in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Israel. Zaatar is put in salads, sprinkled with pita with olive oil, added to dairy products. It is used in meat and vegetable dishes. Zaatar is mixed with olive oil and bread is dipped in it. They are also sprinkled with dough and baked cakes, sprinkled with yogurt, cottage cheese, hummus, and pizza.
Zaatar is a spicy herb that gave the name to the whole mixture.
Different sources mean different plants by Zaatar, since in different countries they mean different herbs under the same name (Syrian marjoram, prickly fimbra)
Almost every Middle Eastern country has its own proportions of this mixture. Different countries mean different herbs under the same name - zaatar.
Some mixes are hot because of red pepper, some lemons are added for flavor, there are mixes with herbs, salty - there are countless options. Only three components are unchanged - sesame, sumak (sumac) and zaatar. Source Tina Hellwig.

I suggest one of the varieties of spice composition. Recommend!

I love all sorts of mixtures of herbs and spices, but this one with sesame seeds, thanks for the recipe, took it!
maha i
Angel, you are a sorceress: girl-yes: Photos are like in 5D, as I saw, the scent is right in the nose, like a shibanet: girl-swoon: I am getting high
Ksyusha, MarinaI hope this mixture comes in handy. It is very spicy and tasty.
Quote: maha i
Marina, I tried to. It is very difficult to photograph now without any necessary devices. When will winter end?
maha i
I bought everything except sumac! : girl-yes: I'll get to Ashan, there seems to be: girl-yes: So I'm in the process
Marina, if you like oriental mixes, you will definitely like it. Without the bag, not it, of course. It gives a special taste to the mixture.
maha i
Yes, I know, at the expense of sumach, it tastes sour, that's why I won't do it without it, but I love the eastern ones more than the others, especially cumin and there is one more seasoning, I don't remember the name, not ground like small pebbles, not razgryst, so I barely found the ground, the Uzbeks, so I from her voosche suma go: crazy: Everywhere I add: secret: especially in samsa and belyashi

Remembered the pooper!
I recommend adding fragrant sunflower oil before grinding - the seasoning will sparkle with a great aroma! I have a mill in the blender kit.
I doubled your serving and added 3 teaspoons of oil.
I made only from thyme + sumac, cumin, salt + oil.
the seasoning ready-made from Palestine contained only thyme, sumac, salt and sunflower oil.
Although they eat it with olive oil: they dip the cake in olive oil, then in zaatar.
what I noticed - I really like to dip black bread in fragrant sunflower oil, then in seasoning! This is something! Yummy! but tortillas or pita bread is better with olive)

in color, aroma and taste, the seasoning made by me and from Palestine are different. delicious both.apparently thyme is different) in mine there is a little more sesame)
son-in-law from Palestine, check it out, said delicious)
Zaatar spice mixture (zaatar, satar, zatar, zatr) Zaatar spice mixture (zaatar, satar, zatar, zatr)

Quote: klya4a
add fragrant sunflower oil by grinding - the seasoning will sparkle with a great aroma
Vera, thanks for the recommendation. It is acceptable if this mixture is eaten quickly. And for use in a week or two it will not work. The oil quickly goes rancid and gives off a disgusting odor. And "eat right away" is a great recommendation.
Thanks for the informative report)

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