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She was very upset: she acquired a ceramic form without glaze, with a lid, made of a mixture of several types of clay.

The ceramic bread pan has a smell, how to remove it

I did everything according to the instructions - before baking, I smeared it with butter and roasted in the oven. Immediately before baking, I missed it as usual, BUT during the baking process, an unpleasant smell began to spread through the apartment, instead of the wonderful one that was always previously from rye bread with sourdough ... This time there was no smell of bread at all - the smell from the mold drowned everything out. The bread was baked well, but it smelled so hard that it was difficult to eat .. and scary.
Before that, for almost a year I have been baking sourdough bread in an aluminum mold (L7) - everything was wonderful, but I wanted to get away from aluminum and switch to clay without any coatings.
Maybe someone has come across a similar problem or just from experience can tell what the matter is and what to do?
AnnaL, I had a terracotta mold for the type of duckling, very similar to yours, there the instructions were different: before use, soak in cold water for several hours, there was no smell during cooking, but after the first two baking of meat, it was saturated with the smell of spices and oil, in short sent to the garden
Thanks for your feedback! I will try to do something. Professionals advised to feed it with milk and then heat it in the oven - I'll try it, I can't throw it out so simply without doing anything.

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