Spicy pickled beets

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Spicy pickled beets


boiled or baked peeled beets 1 kg.
water 0.5 l.
salt 1 tsp (taste)
sugar 80-120 g.
vinegar 9% 40-60 ml.
cinnamon 1 fell.
star anise 1 star
bay leaf optional 1 l.
fresh ginger 0.5-1 cm.
allspice peas 3-4 pcs.

Cooking method

  • Spicy pickled beetsBoil the beets or bake in the oven until tender. Clear.
  • Spicy pickled beetsCut the beets into slices, cubes or strips. I rub the BŐRNER grater.
  • Spicy pickled beetsDivide into banks.
  • Spicy pickled beetsPour water into a ladle, add salt and sugar. Add spices. The amount of salt and sugar depends on the flavor of the beets and your preference. I put 120 grams. My beets are not sweet at all.
  • Spicy pickled beetsBring the marinade to a boil and simmer for a couple of minutes. Remove from heat and pour in vinegar. The amount of vinegar also depends on your preference. With the minimum of the recipe for me just right, but with the maximum for me sour.
  • Spicy pickled beetsPour the hot marinade over the beets. Leave to cool and refrigerate. Consume every other day.
  • Spicy pickled beets
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


Delicious beets. The post is especially good! Recommend!

Angela, what pictures are beautiful and the recipe is interesting. Thanks for the recipe!
Angela, an interesting option! I make a beetroot salad for the winter, but without spices, now, by all means, I will try with spices, especially since it is prepared faster and easier
Vika, CatherineThank you girls for stopping by. Vika, thanks for the praise of the photo
Try to do. I think I will like it)
Angela, you always have such delicious recipes and such beautiful photos!
I love beets very much. I will definitely try to cook according to your recipe!
Natasha, thank you very much. I hope you like the beetroot too)
ang-kay, today I will bake the beets, tomorrow I will marinate, I have all the spices, and on Friday I will treat the guests. They, like vacuum cleaners, sweep everything.
Svetahope everyone will like it)
ang-kay, Angela, I made this snack. Grater for Korean carrots. I put everything to a minimum. I thought it was better to report later than to overdo it. I did it in the afternoon, I took the sample to work at night. Delicious!! Still, you need more than 40 ml of vinegar. It will infuse and taste better overnight. I will repeat.
Irina, well, it's great that I liked the beetroot. Vinegar, I wrote that you need to choose for yourself, like sugar. In one place I saw that 100 ml. the girl pours. I can't even imagine how you can eat it? I don't like sour. I'm 40 well. It is slightly sour and sweet. But it's all a matter of taste)
ang-kay, Angela, made a beetroot. Mine liked it. Half of the portion went to the banquet table. There they dared her all, I liked her.
Grated the beets on a grater for Korean carrots, took 40 ml of vinegar and reduced the amount of sugar, since the beets themselves are sweet.
SvetaI'm glad everyone appreciated it. How about vinegar to you?
Angela, I love beets. Here's to my taste, I would pour 30 ml of vinegar. But that's how anyone likes it. I will repeat it unambiguously.
Even so! Even less mine)
Angela, delicious beetroot, sweet aromatic. I cooked for my husband in the DR, almost all ate. She went well to the kebab. I didn't weigh sugar, put 3 tablespoons and vinegar 40 gr. For me just right. Thank you!
Angela, and if star anise, cinnamon and ginger are ground, then how long should you put it? While I was going to cook, the store where there was fresh ginger and spices in general was closed Now only ground ...
Quote: Yunna
For me just right.
Natalia, then the tastes are completely the same. It's great that everyone liked the beets.
Quote: Sibiryachka
Now only ground ...
Natasha, this must be selected so as not to overdo it. Put 1/3 teaspoon each, and there you will adjust if you like)
Tatiana Shishkina
Need to try! It's time to go to the basement for the beets, last summer she was surprisingly well born, so now there is still a lot of her left, and it is already spring and will soon start to deteriorate
Yes, it's time to "destroy" the reserves.

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