Good day!
The help of experienced bakers is very necessary.
I choose the first bread maker, I had only experience with the Panasonic TMH-18 multicooker. There is also little experience in baking bread by hand.
My requirements are a little non-standard. The fact is that my husband has diabetes, and I am also careful with carbohydrates.
We both can get gluten. And even a little ordinary bread is possible, but not enough. Therefore, we will also bake ordinary bread, but very carefully, with the addition of various other flours such as soy.
What I expect from her:
1) Kneading the dough is required. I am not sure, however, whether it will be possible to knead the dough on automatic programs, if you replace flour with almond, soy, etc. It is not bad if there is also a dumpling dough.
2) Baking such non-standard bread. Will it be baked on gluten-free baked goods?
3) From standard bread we like Borodino and French baguette. Accordingly, I would like to bake it, only from my own products, diluting it with other types of flour as experience is gained.
4) Additional functions so that not only bread can be baked. Since we can have little bread, and keeping a whole device on the table for rare baking - the toad chokes.
For example, it would be nice to bake cottage cheese casserole, prepare meat rolls, jellied meat, yoghurts, and preserves. The wider the cooking range, the better.
5) I love to poke around in technology, adjust, push buttons. So I'm interested in something like a multi-cook, but since there is little experience, it is necessary that the network has enough recipes for these functions.

Are there such models, or do I want too much?

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