Finally I bought CHEF 9060S. and with horror I realized that the nozzle was discontinued. and in the plans it was tomato paste. Maybe someone knows where to buy.
S_V, yes, discontinued.
Only if you find leftovers or used ones at flea markets in the world.

The 930 model with an iron insert is nowhere to be found. Neither here nor in Europe.
992 model with a plastic insert (can be used on cars with a large bowl) - there are remnants in Mvideo, but not in all cities. You can ask to buy and send friends / acquaintances / members of the forum in whose cities there are.
Oh, for the second day I am trying to understand the Planet KENWOOD)) I have not yet waited for the delivery :))) of the machine itself. I am also interested in this moment: km096 had a nozzle "for double mixing during cooking" so heavy, beautiful And now "twig". Why was it replaced? poorly recommended or economy and optimization?
I here in one shop saw a sieve-rub AT992A for 4000. If anyone needs it, write in a personal.

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