Fresh beet salad

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Fresh beet salad


Boiled beets 3 medium
Peaches are flat 3 pcs
Balsamic vinegar 1 tsp
Walnuts Handful
Salt Pinch
Olive oil or yoghurt dressing On demand
Black pepper Pinch

Cooking method

  • A surprisingly simple salad, unusual and pleasantly fresh.
  • Cook beets in any convenient way. Peel and dice. Peel flat peaches, cut into cubes (I think you can not peel, but it tastes better for me). Brown a handful of nuts in a frying pan, chop into pieces. Mix the ingredients, salt and pepper, season with vinegar and oil. I tucked in another ready-made yoghurt dressing with basil. It tastes even better with yogurt! Help yourself!

Time for preparing:

Half an hour

Cooking program:

Handles adapted for dicing


The recipe was shared by my teacher of machine knitting Valentina Vladimirovna, for which thanks to her.
Very unusual and fresh.
Fresh beet salad

There are a lot of beets, a lot of peaches for sale. Thanks for the idea!
gawala, not at all. try
Quote: Ketsal
Necessarily, especially since there are boiled beets. And we'll buy peaches tomorrow. The rest is all at home.
what an unexpected salad in its combination! I think it will be delicious and will definitely try it, I love beets and peaches, but it never occurred to me that they could be mixed together)) thanks for the idea
Mentally ...
Fresh beet salad
gawala, glad that sincerely

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