Hello everybody! I caught fire with the purchase of a bread machine. I read a bunch of everything. It turned out that the main breakdown in HP is when, instead of the bearing, there is a Teflon bushing in the place where the bucket is inserted. The dough gets into it (naturally) and over time it breaks down. My husband and I found one video review in which a man praises the LG oven just for the fact that the bearing is worth it. But nowhere is this brand on sale now. Tell me which furnaces still have bearings?
Quote: katya1308

Tell me which furnaces still have bearings?
The bearing can be rolling and sliding, so for our purposes sliding is more suitable what is set in 99% HP. But the oil seals covering these bearings are different, most successfully in Panasonic.
Hurrah! I was not mistaken and bought Panasonic sd-zb 2512. Thank you for your help!

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