Hello. Recently one question interests. Often there are stoves (multi, and so on) almost complete clones, but from different manufacturers. Maybe someone knows, but how does this happen? Do they all agree with one plant? That is, the stoves are made on one line, or is it just one scheme, but the production is different?
Of course, no seller will answer such a question, but on our large forum, can there be someone who will reveal this secret?
The interest is actually practical. How relevant will the clone savings be? Is not it expensive clone from another manufacturer, straight other better quality than cheap?

Just another question. Why is there a lot of Redmond clones, for example. And no one clones the same Panasonic, although it is also going in China now and is not cheap?
Well, very, very, very interesting.
We put up an announcement of a new HP from Panasonic: Croustina * NEW SD-ZP2000 Bread Maker, almost 23,000 rubles.
New design, new technology.
who would make the same high-quality clone of pieces for 5-6, and even better for 3-4. But for some reason no one even encroaches on Panasonic
I love Panasika terribly, but as for a helicopter, even with my ardent feeling for this manufacturer, I will never pay. It's too expensive for me. And the toy is very interesting, of course.
Quote: fffuntic
Who would make the same high-quality clone in 5-6 pieces
Lena, it can't be quality CLONE Panasonic for 5-6 .... it's unlikely, very unlikely!
Quality and advanced technology cost money.
You know that yourself, without me.
Quote: fffuntic
And no one clones the same Panasonic, although it is also going in China now and is not cheap?
Everything is quite simple, Panasonic protects its equipment with patents, both the design itself and internal technical solutions, and does not sell production licenses to third-party firms, this is the policy of the company. Infringement of patents is punished very harshly. Here they tried to collect HP clones in one place https://Mcooker-en.icdself.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=26545.0
How and how can Matsushita Denshi punish Chinese copiers?

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