After almost a month of waiting, I received my 9040, but the joy was short-lived - until unpacking.
The car is new, but on the body there is a chip in one place, in the other it is severely worn. I wrote a complaint, so far there is no answer, but when I think that this is, at best, another month of waiting - one place starts to burn. Judging by the reaction of the telephone support - the situation is not uncommon, so check carefully upon receipt. Especially if you are far beyond the Moscow Ring Road.

What's more, the multi-shredder does not fit into the socket. The fastening protrusions are thicker than necessary, and simply do not fit into the lock grooves on the machine nest. The blender stands up as it should, while doing so. It is clear that it will not be difficult to modify the file, but again - unexpectedly.

They also forgot to put the apron on, but these are trifles ..

In general, such flaws are somewhat upsetting when buying such an expensive thing. Be careful.
Strix, for 10 years of communication, your first such case !! But it will come Miranda or Olya, they may have seen something like that, they somehow better than I know it .. will prompt ..
Miranda, I will wait for a response from the store, and based on the results I will act further.

Marriage in the new Kenwood 9040

Marriage in the new Kenwood 9040
And here is the shredder mount. It can be seen how the superfluous is trying to hesitate when twisting.

Marriage in the new Kenwood 9040
Olga VB
Strix, In my memory, there were no broken cars in this topic, so it's a pity that you were the one who got into a very rare case.
As for the multi-shredder, a couple of times there were complaints that "mom" and "dad" did not coincide, that the nozzle was not at all for that model, etc., but then it turned out that they simply did not immediately figure out how to install this the nozzle, for example, did not fully recessed the spring part on the base before fixing.
That is, there were no real complaints about the installation of the multi-shredder.
Now I looked at the bases of my cartoons (I have 2 of them). On both, if I correctly assessed the angle of your photo, there are similar protrusions on both sides, moreover, even baboutof a larger volume, and they do not shrink from me.
They serve for better springing of the twisting nozzle, so that it is more clearly fixed and does not play (you see, they are a little bevelled), therefore, in no case should you remove these protrusions.
Try pushing the base harder into the socket before turning when installing the bit.
If the protrusions continue to interfere, then they can only be slightly smoothed, rolled up the very edge where you have disheveled, but in no case completely removed.
By the way, if you still change the car, it is possible that in the new one you will not have such a problem, so do not rush to pick up the file.
Another moment. Any new car becomes old over time; more significant traces of vital activity may appear on it, which, as in your case, will not affect performance.
Therefore, if these dents will not interfere with your sleep so much, you can offer the seller a significant discount option (I would demand up to 50%) instead of replacing the unit. It is possible that this option would suit both sides.
Good luck!

Shl. If you write your name in your profile, we will be pleased to contact you not only by your nickname, but also by your name.
Olga VB, yes, I indicated in the claim that I agree to compensation, with the same thoughts about future combat marks, but here is a question of principle, I still bought a new and not cheap thing, and it should get into my hands new.

As for the chopper, it's not in my hands, for sure. Firstly, the blender gets up without any effort, and secondly, I tried to put the chopper body without a block of knives, it is clearly visible that the body is completely adjacent to the base of the nest, and that the protrusion simply does not fit into its place in height.Of course, I will not rush to saw.
I report that Kenwood changed my car, not without overlays, but also without any evasions.
New ok, took almost 3 weeks, taking into account the fact that at first the car left for another city ..

Yes, it also seemed to me that the new car works less noisy, more evenly, and there is no smell of a running engine that the previous one had. Cars are from different lots, boxes are decorated differently. I could be wrong, but the first car was from a more recent batch, the new one was from an older one. Judging by the video of unboxing on YouTube.
This was the box at the first car:

Such the second:

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything, I didn’t look at the production date of the first car.
The second one - April 2018

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