Has anyone bought on this site? I want to buy a wipe, but it’s embarrassing that they send it only after 100% prepayment and, in general, something about it worries me.

Thank you very much! I will look for....
There is a rub in mvideo for 3500, but only in the Arkhangelsk region. Go to the mvideo website, choose Arkhangelsk or Severodvinsk and enter the code 20033068. As I understand it, there are 2 pieces available, both there and there. They are not delivered across Russia, you can buy them only in these cities.
If someone living nearby goes to buy it, I will be glad if you take it for me too
Trik, try here 🔗
More expensive, of course, but they will probably deliver
VRad, Thank you!
I already have no burning need, because I bought a sieve for Avito together with a plastic bowl. The seller, the link to which you threw off, I called a month ago, then his wipe was over. In March, he updated the ad, which means he again bought it for about 3,500 and sells for 5,000.
If there was an opportunity to purchase for 3500, I would take myself on stock, so that there were spare sieves.
I went through all the cities on MVideo, looked for a rub, suddenly someone will come in handy, there is in Astrakhan, Kaluga, Pskov. I took it to Avito myself, a girl from Moscow sells a car with attachments, gave the sieve separately. She had one more, she also asks for 3500 (new nozzles, in the package)
Yulenkaand which sieve model? And there is no reference?
Masha Ivanova
zvezda, Olya! While Julia is sleeping, I'll tell you. This is a sieve-wiper-attachment for Kenwood AW20010006 food processor, former 922.
In Moscow, it almost does not appear, and in some cities it still exists.
Type in the desired city and the site shows what is there.
Elena, I don’t have it in my city .. I still don’t understand what kind of sieve it is ?! Come on, I hope they release something to replace it.

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