Today I tried sieve 930 for the first time. I rubbed the cottage cheese. The impressions are ambiguous.
Firstly, when I put it down, it seemed that there was very little space in the bowl under it. I don't even know if 2-3 kg of berries will fit there after rubbing.
Secondly, the blades obviously do not reach the edge of the bowl. That is, around the entire perimeter, 1 cm of unpolished product remains, which climbs up the walls. We have to move these remnants to the center again and again. But maybe this is the case with soft cottage cheese, but with vegetables and berries it will be different. There was no such thing on a plastic sieve.
I did not adjust the blades in height. I put it on, tried it - it seems like they are scraping the disc. But, probably, it will be necessary to omit. A thin layer of cottage cheese remained on the disk, which I wiped off with spatula.
She worked with a plastic bowl. The sieve did not spin at all. You don't need to put any cloths on.
And, of course, a larger amount can be put into this sieve at once. Surely, there will be less splashing with berries.
In general, I'm glad that I have both sieves
Valeria, and how now? After using for six months, the impressions have changed ??? What do you say??
I will not say anything. So far I have not used either one or the other. In general, I rarely use it. Cottage cheese for Easter and summer berries.
Quote: VRad
I will not say anything.
You are our verbose ..
Masha Ivanova
Gospadyaya! One more topic! How many there are!
Quote: Masha Ivanova
One more topic
it's me, like, separating the talk about the sieve here
Prus - 2
Olga, separated and good. So, about sieve 930 - how Lera writes, the blades do not reach 1 cm. Summer rubbed berries - all the time with a spatula to the center dropped from the sides. But they rub quickly, it was not stressful. I had nothing to do with plastic, but with metal - there is a lot of space in the bowl, I rubbed berries exactly up to 2 kg at a time. The holes in the Boshevsky sieve are larger. Cottage cheese is not rubbed - it is easier to grind into a paste in a food processor. So far, I see the direction of use for berries / fruits. And it's easier for me to sift the flour separately.
Quote: Prus - 2
separated - and well.
Lyubashenka! I’m not separating it ... just Valeria, I made a mistake about the topic, so I decided that let's go, everything related to the sieve is here ...
Thanks for the clarifications!!
Quote: Prus - 2
Cottage cheese is not rubbed - it is easier to grind into a paste in a food processor.
Lyuba, try it sometime. The consistency of the casseroles is different. I've never rubbed or rubbed, but as I tried it once, now I rub it on cheesecakes through a sieve.
And my sieve blade scratches the walls of the metal rim. As it strains me. Nothing will get into food? Or do you still want to buy a new one? I have a sieve from some old ancient stocks that I have not used before. It peeled off in the dishwasher and the rim began to scratch
Irina, what is it you have strange ...
Masha Ivanova
Irlarsen, Ira! Can you photograph this entire structure and place it here?

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