and again I am for help, tell me, after all, Kesha 020 cannot beat eggs with sugar for 15 minutes so that a thick foam does not turn out ?? my unfortunate hand turns it into a standing mass in 10 minutes, and here it seems to beat it at 4-6 speeds, but a liquid mass flows from the whisk.
The rim almost touches the bottom. What other reasons could there be? Tell me?
A tractor makes a noise, but it's no use, can I go to a service center?
Olga VB
Eggs or whites?
Could something other than eggs get there?
Wasn't the sugar wet?
Is the speed really high or is the regulator set to maximum, but is it really spinning slower?
Try to beat this mass with your "unfortunate tame", what will happen?
Excessive noise may occur if the whisk beats against the bowl.
Beat the whole eggs with sugar. With raw materials, exactly all the norms, because then the mass was finished off by hand and everything became normal. It makes a noise, but does not rub the whisk against the bowl, it seems to spin at the speed norms. One disorder (
kseniya D
Try to find videos with your car on YouTube and see the rotation speed. He cannot but beat, especially not one egg, but several.
It beats well for me, so well no hand mixer will beat whole eggs.
cloud, I am also very sorry. True! I have been using your car model for a very short time, but the impressions are the most wonderful. You have one fluffy corolla that is worth it !!! All my idea is to buy it, but it costs more than 5 thousand. Expensive!
See for yourself how fast the whipping speed is. Is it buzzing? ... Well, I'm not very quiet either
For me, for example, Ken can't cope with low speed. Tired of fighting. But then it turns so now that 1 egg can hardly fit into half of a beer mug. I just lowered the whisk even, Do not be sad. Everything will get better.

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