Hello. Forgive me for rushing in immediately with a question .. I honestly searched for a search - the problem seems to be not the most frequent. And I don't know what to do yet. More precisely, I know that it seems it makes sense to call the master, but I decided to ask if anyone had similar situations.

I have had a car (9060s) since October, and immediately when kneading a steep dough, it began to give out an unpleasant smell of something burned from the back (where the ventilation is), without smoke, the machine did not give out errors, there were no rattling or other extraneous sounds either. The dough was kneaded a little (up to 1 kg if together with water) and the recommended speed when kneading with a hook did not exceed. The wiring is ok. With other attachments I did not notice such a smell. Nobody came across a similar one? Or maybe this smell during work is quite acceptable? We couldn't say anything intelligible about phone support.
Olga VB
nuttah, welcome to the topic!

Sometimes a new technique, from an excess of lubricant, until it exhales everything unnecessary, begins to behave like this, as you describe. In this case, electricians say that the contacts of the new equipment should be burnt.
But this should not go on for too long, because usually, in a few hours of operation, excess grease burns out, the contacts burn out and the burning smell disappears.
In this case, you shouldn't worry.
But sometimes it can burn and even spark as a result of poor contact. This situation is worse and in this case measures must be taken.
Therefore, personally, I would observe, and if after 10 hours of work the smell does not disappear, I would still call the master from the service.
And if during operation you can catch a characteristic crackle, as with a faulty outlet, then it is undesirable to operate such a machine and the master must be called immediately.

Good luck!
Olga VB, Thank you so much! And for the reception, and for such a detailed answer! I thought about lubrication, but it seemed that the burnout period would be faster, and now I thought again after reading what was written above, well, really - well, she kneaded a steep dough 6 times during this time for 5-7 minutes, "it will not be enough" (with )
I will continue to watch.
nuttah, I have induction quite recently from the end of December and also when working even with a not very steep dough, an unpleasant smell of burnt wiring appears. In other modes, there is no smell, but strong evaporation occurs and water flows. Not critical, but frightening, well the girls suggested that this is for many.

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al2, Thank you! The picture is clearing up, otherwise I was also very worried.
Girls, tell me please
I knead a steep dough for noodles, the volume is 600, it feels like the car is hard, it slows down every now and then, and at one such moment something crackled inside. I got scared, turned it off, kneaded it manually. Maybe someone like that?

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