Owners of dough rollers for Kenwood, please tell us about the pros and cons of this device! I heard that they mostly scold me. Is it so? Kitchen owners unanimously praise their dough sheeter. Is it possible to change the harvester because of the dough sheeter?
RitaI haven't tried Kitchen, but I can compare Kenwood and Phillips' pasta machine. Simple dough sheeter is convenient (dumplings, dumplings are now simple and quick). The width of the tape is standard - the raviolnitsa teskomovskaya and taperavskaya form are ideal for trio dumplings. Rolling tight dough is perfect. Although my mother said here that the feeling is that it rolls a little thinner in the center than along the edges. Soft dough cookies and gingerbread are more convenient for me with a rolling pin. The phillips pasta machine rolls out the lasagna dough thicker and the noodles thicker. based on the results of using a pasta machine and a set of 3 Kenwood dough rollers. Flat noodles are definitely better for me in kenwood, but now I would not buy a second cutter for dough, like noodles - I like wide noodles. The pasta machine does everything by itself, the kitchen is clean, everything is fast, but I don't like the lasagna sheets. I am happy with the dough sheeter, one cutter is enough for me.
And I have no complaints about the dough sheeter, I like it very much
Girls, we really need a new nozzle KAH647PL - maybe someone does not need it from the kit
Rita, I have since New Year. Before that I had a manual (mechanical) one and thought for a long time whether I needed it.
I bought it on Avito for 3500, only rolling, I did not take slicing.
I made dumplings once. I chose the dough for dumplings.
At first I did it according to science: in 3 doses on modes 1, 3, 7 - the dough turns out to be thin. I didn't really like it, the cottage cheese was thin, so I made the second batch according to the method described by Anyone here:
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5959

After the curd ran out, I rolled (according to science) short noodles from the rest of the dough. She cut it with a knife, dried it in an oven cooling down after bread on a baking sheet.
It's a little experience, but I really liked everything. I don’t understand what complaints there might be, I’m very happy with what I bought.
I'm happy too !!!
Thank you girls! I will look for a dough sheeter!
Quote: Rita
Owners of dough rollers for Kenwood, please tell us about the pros and cons of this device! I heard that they mostly scold me. Is it so?
What are you, Rita !!? Great nozzle, why scold her! I am very pleased!
Helen, smari, buy))). And you are to blame))).
And I will join those who like the dough sheeter: it takes up little space, no assembly, attach it and go! Very comfortably.
Hello! I am in support of the dough sheeter. Great thing! Moreover, I doubted for a long time whether it was worth taking it, in the end I nevertheless decided, because the price for the stock was tempting (I don't remember exactly, around 3t. Rubles). And now I'm just not overjoyed, unleavened dough for me was such a flour to roll out, now it's my favorite pastime. And it rolls smoothly, just over kneading the dough tighter than for a manual rolling pin. It's much tighter right now.
I will also sing the praises of the dough roll.
I had a hand one and was sorry for the money for the nozzle. But for the last NG, the action in the Globe, and I bought it right in the last rows, I doubted so much (and it went on for 3 months!), But a huge discount did the trick. And it's like transferring from the Oka to a Mercedes. Convenient, fast, everything is smooth, etc. I can't look at the hand one.

Rolling can be found somewhat. I'm talking about the latest version 980. The rest have not been tried.
Olga VB
Quote: Rita
I heard that they mostly scold
Ritulya, surprised!
For 5.5 years that I have been interested in CM Kenwood, I have never heard significant complaints about the dough sheeter. The maximum that was discussed is that sometimes the dough is stuffed inside and dries up. Well, it can be in any rolling. For example, I don't have such problems. Perhaps because I don't roll too soft dough.

Real complaints were only about the ice cream makers, that there was a lot of waste (the refrigerant leaks out) and the juicer (not auger), that it was the most ordinary one and no better than others, and some even worse in terms of spin quality.

All other attachments are very decent and we are talking, basically, about what is more in demand and convenient for someone.
So don't read Soviet newspapers before dinner.
Good luck!
Quote: Olga VB
Rituyla, surprised!
Me too! Excellent rolling! And for pies and dumplings and lasagne, noodles, spaghetti ... she's good for everything! : girl-yes: I have been using it for 10 years.
Rita, I have a pasta machine and a dough sheeter with noodle cutters, both are in use. I prefer wide noodles at Kenwood, it is more convenient for me and it is of such a thickness that I myself regulate. If for soup, then mine are of medium thickness, for pasta, thinner. It is more convenient than on the machine, where the thickness has already been set. Care is also easy, wiped it with a cloth and into the closet. Take it if you like dumplings or dumplings. Will significantly speed up the process.

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