Pilaf in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f

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Pilaf in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f


Pork 600 g
Round grain rice 3 mst
Medium carrots 3 pcs
Turnip onion 2 pcs
Zira 1 tsp
Barberry 1 tsp
Seasoning for pilaf 1 tsp
Ground pepper Taste
Salt Taste
Garlic 1 head
Vegetable oil
Raisins Slightly less than 1/2 mst

Cooking method

  • Cut the carrots into strips, not finely, quarter onions into rings, meat in pieces like for pilaf. My raisins, I did not soak
  • We turn on the frying mode 3 level 15 minutes, pour oil to close the bottom, we do not regret oil. We are waiting for it to heat up and start up the carrots, then the onions. Fry until the oil turns orange from the carrots, so that it is like in caramel, then we lay the meat and fry it all a little.
  • After the end of the program (for whom it is not enough, you can add time), we go to multi-cook, 25 minutes and 100 degrees. Thus, we will stew the meat a little with zirvak.
  • This is how it turns out after stewing
  • Pilaf in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f
  • Then add salt, pepper, cumin, barberry, raisins, seasoning for pilaf, mix, add the washed rice, level, stick the garlic in the middle, I first cut each slice vertically with a knife so that I let more juice out, carefully pour water over a spatula, somewhere a phalanx higher than rice, choose the pilaf program.
  • Pilaf in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f

The dish is designed for

4 or 5

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

Frying, multi-cook, pilaf


I read negative reviews about the pilaf program in this multicooker, of course it is short, for which it was not clear what the calculation was, the meat would not cook in such a time, it lasted 27 minutes for me. It was based on cooking in a multicooker, element 01 of the model. Pilaf is good there, but it all lasts for a long time, 70 minutes or more, first the zirvak is fried, then stewed with meat, and then all this is cooked with rice.
I tried to portray something similar here.
Well, what can I say, it just turned out to be a delight, very, very tasty, fatty, juicy pilaf, the meat is soft, the rice is wonderful, well, everything is as it should

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