Marshmallows with strawberries

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Marshmallows with strawberries


gelatin b / r 40 g
strawberry puree 160 BC
glucose (invert) syrup 200 BC
sugar 530 BC
strawberry puree 30 g
water 90 g
---------- ------
corn starch 50 g
powdered sugar 50 g
vegetable oil for lubrication
food coloring (I did not use) option

Cooking method

  • Marshmallows with strawberriesPour gelatin over the puree and leave to swell. Dissolve by impulses in a microwave or water bath. I made the puree from fresh strawberries. I broke it with a blender and rubbed it through a fine sieve.
    Marshmallows with strawberriesIn a saucepan, combine sugar, glucose syrup, water and strawberry puree. Put on fire and cook to a temperature of 115 degrees.
    Marshmallows with strawberriesWhile the syrup is cooking, pour the gelatin into the mixer bowl and start whisking. The mass should lighten and slightly increase in volume.
    Marshmallows with strawberriesRemove the syrup from the heat. Allow large bubbles to settle.
    Marshmallows with strawberriesPour in a thin stream into the bowl, where the gelatinous mass is whipped. Beat until the mass becomes fluffy, light and significantly increases in volume.
    Marshmallows with strawberriesGrease a metal frame or utensils with vegetable oil. Pour the mixture and flatten. Leave at room temperature for 8-12 hours.
    Marshmallows with strawberriesSprinkle with powder mixed with starch on top, remove from the frame.
    Marshmallows with strawberriesCut with a sharp knife into the desired number of squares or rectangles. Roll each in a mixture of powder and starch. Place in a bowl and seal. ...
    Marshmallows with strawberries
  • Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


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I got the recipe from Yuliya Small
Delicious. I generally love marshmallows. I cook often. I can't tear myself away from him later. Recommend!

Anzhelochka, thanks for another tasty treat! I have very few strawberries this year, but I hope someone will bring strawberries for sale. After all, you can do it too? And another question. Pour hot syrup? The boys really like marshmallows, but my mixer is not very ... It gets very hot.
What a wonderful strawberry treat !!!
Can you replace glucose syrup with something? Or is it sold everywhere? Just somehow I did not come across.
Natalia., Natasha, thanks, girls. Nice that we dropped in)
Quote: Tashenka
I have very few strawberries this year, but I hope someone will bring strawberries for sale. After all, you can do it too?
Any mashed potatoes can be made. Not only with strawberry.
Quote: Tashenka
Pour hot syrup?
Yes. As soon as the big bubbles settle.
Quote: caprice23
syrup can be replaced with something?
Invert, corn syrup, caramel syrup. Invert syrup can be made at home. The site is.
Quote: caprice23
Or is it sold everywhere?
Sold in pastry shops.
Angela, marshmallows, and even with strawberries Our strawberries are just beginning and are very expensive, the price will go down a little and I will definitely cook your yummy
Tatyana, we already have everything with strawberries. Now only freezing. This year there was little and froze quite a bit)
Be sure to prepare. Delicious)

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