Three Ingredient Ice Cream

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Three Ingredient Ice Cream


Fresh strawberries (raspberries) 500 g
Condensed milk Rogachev 300 - 380 gr
Cream 33% 500 g

Cooking method

  • The sun, although already tender at sunset, managed to round the frozen balls of ice cream even more.
  • Very easy to prepare and taste worthy!
  • 1. Mash the berries with a blender. If desired, mashed potatoes can be grated through a sieve if bones interfere with, for example, in raspberries.
  • 2. Add the condensed milk and mix well (the amount depends on the sweetness of the berry)
  • 3. Whip the cream into a fluffy mass (33-36% fat, I take the White City or Parmalat)
  • 4. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients with a spatula, pour the ice cream into a plastic container, close it with a lid and put it in the freezer. At the same time, every 50-60 minutes you will need to take out the container and mix the ice cream. This is done so that ice crystals do not form when frozen in ice cream.
  • It will be enough to repeat this stirring 3 times, and you can leave the ice cream in the freezer until morning.
  • 5. Before you start eating, take it out of the freezer, open and leave the ice cream for 20 minutes. Form balls!


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According to @zhabcka's recipe on Instagram

Unfortunately, I haven't completed the recipes for a long time, everything has already changed and the requirements are different. If anything, please delete it.

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Svetlana, very gentle sunset photos of a delicate dessert ...
I took it to the piggy bank, thanks for the recipe!
Svetlana, I don't eat ice cream from the store, well, or very rarely, every 3 years. And sometimes you want!
Thank you for the tasty treat!
Svetlana, Thank you! What a treat!
Tatyana, Natasha, Tatyana, girls, thanks! I recommend it for cooking, because it is very fast and delicious!
Ilmira, I myself do not eat shop ice cream, too sweet and sugary. I often do it at home, I also like recipes with a custard base.
Sveta is a great recipe! Simple and tasty)) that's where I would get another bed with strawberries))
Natasha, join us!
Oh, how delicious! And what pictures there is no Cream ....: girl_cray: we urgently need to run to the store tomorrow ...

Ilmirushka, and how much can you add such deliciousness to the maximum?
kartinka, 1.7 l!
I forgot about cream in the store (after the plantation) - I had to make the cream myself. Already set to cool. I really hope that tomorrow they will beat up and I will be with ice cream Ilmirushka,
The cream whipped perfectly, the ice cream came out only very sweet, I divided the ice cream into two parts, I made one with cherries. I thought that sour cherries would neutralize sweetness - it still worked out (for me) not very much, but my husband was just right
tomorrow I'll put double cream on a can of condensed milk again, now I want to stir in the cherries in pieces and grated chocolate at the end (I think it's good to dry the cherries) thanks for the recipe
Mom Tanya
Sveta, very appetizing !!!! The main thing is confidence in the composition !!!!!
Marina, adjust the sweetness according to your preference!
For me, the proportions in the recipe are ideal, and this is taking into account the fact that I adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. But I allow myself to relax sometimes.
Tatyana, Right!

fomca, Svetlana, my husband helped to empty 2 containers from the first one (the short came out very sweet, and poured over this business with cherry jam-said-natural ice cream) with a portion, put a double portion, taking into account the first experience And what kind of custard base? There is still butter and milk left (enough for cream) - you can take a walk-walk!
They didn't want to whip up my cream, I took Svitlogorye, there were no such punctures with them before. Filled with liquid and frozen. I think we'll eat.
fomca, svetlanochka, made the second portion, taking into account preferences - it turned out awesome, I especially liked the cherry with pieces to
Cherries and chocolate chips.I can't insert a photo, but even with the wrong balls it looks amazing. Made chocolate filling-syrup and nuts
Thanks again for the simple recipe.
Marina, did not see any messages! I am very glad that the recipe was modified to suit your own taste preferences and were satisfied with the result! I believe in the word)))

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