Hummingbird cake by Andy Chef at Tortilla Chef 118000 Princess

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Hummingbird cake by Andy Chef at Tortilla Chef 118000 Princess


Bananas pcs 2
Anances gr 200
Flour gr 260
Sugar gr 200
Soda h. L. 3/4
Ground cinnamon tsp 1
Eggs pcs 2
Vegetable oil ml 120
Nuts gr 80
Sugar for cream stack 3/4
Sour cream gr 500
Compote ml 250-300

Cooking method

  • Hummingbird cake by Andy Chef at Tortilla Chef 118000 Princess
  • We knead a large banana (or two small ones. Andy advises to take unripe ones. I bake this cake on the back when the bananas disappear.
  • Finely chop pineapples (150-200 gr). from a can or fresh.
  • But I take any soft fruit (1 pear or 3-4 plums). If there is nothing, then I increase the number of bananas to 3.
  • Next, combine flour (260 g), sugar (200 g), soda (3/4 tsp.) And cinnamon (1 tsp.) In a large bowl.
  • You can add finely chopped nuts (60-80 gr).
  • Then 2 eggs.
  • Vegetable oil (120 gr). Anything that you like more, but preferably without a bright smell and taste. Mix everything.
  • Add fruit.
  • Knead the mass well. I just stir with a fork.
  • The dough is closer to liquid.
  • Grease a little Tortilla with vegetable oil and pour out half of the dough.
  • Bake for "3" 10 minutes on one side and another 10 after the overturn.
  • Check with a skewer so that it does not stick.
  • Bake the second cake.
  • The cakes are plump. If you wish, you can cut them and make 4.
  • I soak the cakes well with compote, for example, and if not, then just water with sugar and lemon juice.
  • Between the cakes, in addition to the cream, I lay a layer of cherries, apricots or whatever is at hand. I use both fresh and frozen berries / fruits.
  • Any cream can be used. I often just whisk sour cream + sugar.
  • Everything is very simple, fast, no additional equipment is required.
  • The cake always turns out great. Thanks Andy!
  • I have two different cakes in the photo. One baked for a friend. Therefore, I do not have his cut, I hung below the one that was for myself in a hurry.
  • Hummingbird cake by Andy Chef at Tortilla Chef 118000 Princess

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Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:

Tortilla Chef 118000 Princess


She promised to decorate one of her favorite cakes with a recipe.
Try it! This is delicious. Especially if you like banana and cinnamon baked goods.

Zhanik, so right now the oven would run, but ... not at home. But I will definitely bake! I love without blemish!
Natasha, but very much a banana?
Quote: Cirre
Natasha, does it give a very banana?
Galya, no. More, perhaps, cinnamon. But when it bakes, then yeah)
Just put fewer bananas and more other juicy fruits like pears
Quote: Zhanik

I will wait for mine and do
Quote: Cirre
I will wait for mine and do
Galya, are you waiting for Tortika? Or a pear?
Zhanik, Natasha, thanks for such a cool recipe! I will definitely bake it today or tomorrow.
Quote: Cirre
I will wait for mine
And I am yours
Natasha, cool recipe ,, Thank you !! And now I will remember who Tortilka is
Olya, Anya, Galya, Ilmira, here is my today's) well, really became a dessert, a guest on the doorstep,
Hummingbird cake by Andy Chef at Tortilla Chef 118000 Princess

Hummingbird cake by Andy Chef at Tortilla Chef 118000 Princess

Quote: zvezda
cool recipe ,, Thank you !! And now I will remember who Tortilka is
It doesn't matter what the oven is in) Andy bakes in the oven, in a uniform with a French shirt. There are just fewer problems in the tortilla)
The first cake has gone! I bake in a silicone mold in Princesk-1. I took 3 bananas and 2 small unripe apples, finely chopped, nuts, hazelnuts, ground in a coffee grinder, flour and other ingredients. I didn’t add any ingredients, let's see what happens, but for now everything looks decent. I'm going to beat the sour cream with sugar. But yesterday I skimmed the supposed decorations, I have to run for some berries.
Nata , cool cake. Anything to think about a tortilla
Quote: Ivanovna5
did not add flour and other ingredients,
AnnaDid you bake without flour, eggs and other things? Or did I read something wrong?
Galya, The tortilla is really very convenient at some moments!
Quote: Zhanik
Or did I read something wrong?
Oh, I wrote it this way. I meant that by taking three bananas (not 2), I also added a couple of small apples, without changing the amount of the remaining ingredients.
The cakes turned out to be excellent, the apples in the dough were not superfluous. I didn’t go for berries for decoration and interlayer, I decided to cut the remaining banana and make an interlayer out of it, I didn’t decorate at all, because it was a "test of the pen" for myself and my husband. My cream turned out to be liquid, so I did not soak the cakes in addition with anything, but only so well missed with sour cream and that's it, and left for the dacha until evening. Upon my return, I cut the cake and took a sample, it was perfectly saturated with moisture from the cream, delicious, but very sweet even for me, a sweet tooth, a berry layer with sourness would be just right. But by tomorrow morning coffee, I think it will be great
And yes, the cake turned out to be not small, so I immediately sent half of it with my husband to my daughter. Tomorrow we will share our taste impressions.

Natashul, thank you again for the recipe! Definitely, I will repeat it repeatedly and in different variations.
Zhanik, NataliaThank you very much for the recipe.
I prepared it today. I added ripe nectarines. Very tasty cake turned out. And the main thing is to cook quickly. We can say between times!
Anna, Julia, thank you for your trust!
If there is a lot of sugar, then you can reduce the amount of sugar. Although I already indicated 3/4 of what was in the original to my taste)
I usually make the impregnation sour. And I also adjust the sugar, depending on the sour cream, so that the cream is not cloying. The size is really decent)
I also did it with butter cream. Then it is more solemn, of course)
In general, I repeat, I love him for a minimum of body movements and vessels
If the cream turns out to be liquid, then I just water it in several steps as it solidifies in the refrigerator. It then starts to stick better.
Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Natasha, congratulations. I'm thinking about tortilla because of your cake now
Oh, how unexpected! Thank you!
Natasha, congratulations on a well-deserved victory!
Wonderful cake!
Natusya, with a well-deserved victory! And thanks for the recipe
Zhanik, Natasha, congratulations! Really deserved medal!
I've baked this cake four times already, with different fruits! And always delicious! And a special thank you for the recipe for Tortilla, otherwise it was idle for me. The size is too small. And for the cake it turned out!
Quote: Rituslya
Natasha, congratulations on a well-deserved victory!
Rita, Thank you!
Galyunya, Olechka, Julia, CHEF, Thank you again for your trust!

I will continue to share what I especially like)
Zhanik, Natasha, thanks for the recipe! Congratulations on the victory!
Zhanik, Natalia, With a medal!
Very nice!
Zhanik, Nata, with a medal for you! Very, very deserved! By the way, I had a feeling that this cake recipe would be celebrated when I made it.
Evgeniya, Antonina, Anna and to everyone who paid attention, thank you!
Zhanik, Natalia, Congratulations!
I not only noticed, but for a couple of days I have been trying to bake, but ... I will bake for sure
lana light
Zhanik, Natasha, thanks for the recipe! Indeed, it is simple and you can do what is available with different fillings.
And with impregnation, you can eat right away, do not wait. Class!
Took to bookmarks
Girls, and I'm with mine again rams .
Two bananas and lots of white currants. However, the dough came out rather dry. It splashed a little water. The cake came out rather tender first. And for the second I was too lazy to grease the Tortilla with butter. And the test because of the water, apparently, happened more. As a result, the second cake came out lush. And stuck! Collapsed. But you can't take us with your bare hands! The first one was cut into large pieces in a plane. She pushed them apart a little. Soaked in compote.Smeared with sour cream. The second one, too, cut, but smaller and soaked in compote. Then she tricked each piece into a cream and formed a dome with my hands crushing it. A la Pancho. I covered it with the same currants on top. Poured melted chocolate with milk and garnished with hazelnuts. I don't pretend to be beautiful. Just advice, you never know who will face failure like me. And there is a hole in the old woman (s) I'm waiting for my son and his family to visit. The little ones go and lick their lips. And the background is this ... The husband says what kind of cake will Pasha, the sweet tooth, eat tomorrow? And it’s like this at 10 pm))) Pasha cannot do without a cake) mom jumped up, piled 1.5 not very successful cakes. I lathered the small fry and myself in the bath. Came back and blinded what came out. We are waiting, with Pasha) that is, as always. Fast. And even if not very successful, there are options)
Hummingbird cake by Andy Chef at Tortilla Chef 118000 Princess
Thank you!

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