Shanezhki with potatoes and garlic oil

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Shanezhki with potatoes and garlic oil


Sour milk and sour cream 200 ml
water 50 ml
flour 350 g
raw yeast 15 g
salt 1 h. Lodge.
sugar 0.5 tbsp. lies.
vegetable oil 1.5 tbsp. lies.
crushed potatoes at your discretion

Cooking method

  • I usually bake shanezhki "from what it was", so to speak)), that is, there are still pounded potatoes from yesterday's dinner, where to put them? The most delicious thing is to bake shanezhki., I also often knead the dough on the remains of milk and sour cream, it turns out soft and tasty.
  • And for starters, I send half the norm of sugar, yeast and 1 tablespoon of flour into the water, stir and leave to rise.
  • To the remains of sour milk, I added the remains of sour cream, it turned out 200 ml, I send the remaining sugar and salt there.
  • I take flour from the calculation of the liquid, if in total it is 250 ml, then I take 350 g of flour, that is, 100 g more, then I correct it when mixing.
  • When the yeast has risen, I combine it with the prepared liquid, add vegetable oil, flour, but not all at once, leave 1-2 tablespoons of beds, then if necessary I add it, but this time it was not needed and it went down. The dough can be kneaded in any convenient way, I kneaded with a kneader. Leave to rise for 1-1.5 hours. I do not do it.
  • If there is no ready-made potato filling, then while the dough is rising, you can boil the potatoes, drain the water, add butter, sour cream, warm milk, add everything to your taste, but do not make mashed potatoes, you need the filling to be thick and cool it.
  • When the dough has risen, I roll it out on the table, divide it into 12 parts, about 51-52 grams each, roll each ball into a cake, take 1 tablespoon of the fillings (more if desired) and pinch along the edges, leaving the middle open (in the video showed how)
  • I put it on a baking sheet at a short distance from each other, bake in the oven preheated to 185 * 22 minutes, but you need to navigate in your oven, I have a Gemlux, I recently bought it, and I’m mastering it.
  • I put the ready-made shanezhki on a dish and put a piece of butter in each one, today butter with garlic arrows, and cover with a napkin to rest. (recipe for butter with garlic arrows;topicseen# )
  • Shanezhki are soft, aromatic and very tasty.

The dish is designed for

12 pcs

Time for preparing:

2 -2.5 h

Cooking program:



Here is a video

Shanezhki with potatoes and garlic oil

SvetlanaWhat handsome men!
Elena, thanks, they were also delicious, they remained only in the photo
Svetlanawhat delicious shanezhki Thank you
These are mini Ossetian pies You can make with different stuffing
Svetlana, and proofing needs to be done after molding? And do not tell me how much dry yeast is needed (I always have a problem with recounting)
Elena, I don’t know, maybe they look like Ossetian pies, I didn’t bake them, but I also make cottage cheese filling, in our family my mother and sister loved shanezhki with cottage cheese, and my brother and I with potatoes))
and so, in principle, you can probably do it with meat and cabbage, it’s like a flight of fancy.
I do proofing after molding and at this time I heat up the oven (I showed it on the video)
In 1 h. Lodge. 3.5 grams of dry or 10 grams of raw, which means you can take 1, 5 tsp for the recipe. dry yeast.
Recently, I began to use only raw yeast, but once on the Internet I found the proportions of dry to raw, a cheat sheet still hangs on the refrigerator, suddenly it comes in handy))
sveta-Lana, Sveta, but you can read more about the curd filling.
Tashenka, Natalia, we have two options for cottage cheese filling, one salty (mother's), the other sweet (mine).
For salted cottage cheese, add yolk, a pinch of sugar, salt to taste, spread in shanks and grease with sour cream on top.
For sweet, add a pinch of salt to the curd, sugar to taste, vanilla sugar, sour cream, stir everything and arrange in shanzhki, if desired, you can also add raisins.
When they are ready, just like in potatoes, put a piece of butter in each.
good evening! I am very grateful for the recipe Yesterday I was preparing a test batch, but they came very well. hungry friends of her husband and had to quickly feed the men, so the children got only one thing each. I cooked a double portion today. I especially liked the dough. very nice to work with him. Thanks again!!!
Deer, glad that you liked the recipe, cook with pleasure

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