Milk rice porridge pancakes

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Milk rice porridge pancakes


thick milk rice porridge 500 grams
eggs s-1 1 piece
flour 150 grams
Apple 1/2 large
vanillin 1 sachet
baking powder 1 teaspoon
salt, additional sugar taste
odorless vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Drive an egg into the porridge, stir.
  • Add the grated apple.
  • Pour in flour with vanilla, baking powder, salt (I added a little).
  • Mix everything well.
  • Fry in oil over medium heat on one side, after turning, reduce heat, cover the pan with a lid and bring to readiness.
  • Serve with sour cream or jam.

The dish is designed for

for family

Time for preparing:

for about an hour

Cooking program:



Another disposal of porridge
Well, I don't know how to cook a little, it doesn't work, even if I try very hard
It turned out very tasty and tender
What is it made of, no one guessed
Everyone liked it.

Put some pancakes for me!
Podmosvichka, Lena, and the grains are not felt? Often I have such a porridge, I gave it to the street cats, I did not think of frying pancakes)
Not anymore
Grains are not felt at all. I looked at the break, so they are not visible
The daughter-in-law thought it was on the serum.
Oh, yes ... I did this on purpose, not for disposal, but in order to diversify at least some kind of food during perestroika times, when salaries were not paid for months ...
But why have I forgotten about him now? It's delicious
Next time I'll check the porridge a little more and I will definitely do it. thank you for the memories
And I throw the leftover porridge on the refrigerator, I'll go bake
Bon Appetit
Hope you like it

I liked the recipe. We love pancakes, unlike rice porridge. Therefore, tell me, please, in what proportions you need to cook porridge for such tasty treats.
Natasha, I definitely won't tell you
Everything by sight, for 42 years of family life everything is on the machine
Only about.
I have a 300 ml mug, I take round rice not to the top and plus about 0.5 liters of water (I first boil the rice until cooked), then pour out a liter of milk, stir. While it's boiling, I add salt and sugar. It boiled. Turn it off. Cover with a lid, leave for half an hour. Then I remove the foam, mix. Basically everything.
But I let it stand still, the porridge evaporates, it becomes thicker and tastier.
After cooling, it will be very thick.
The density also depends on the type of rice, sometimes slimy, but sometimes not, then no matter how much you cook, it won't be thick
Lena, thanks! I will definitely try.
I would be glad if I could help
Quote: Podmoskvichka

Bon Appetit
Hope you like it

Liked it, everything turned out delicious
Wonderful, glad you liked it

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