Caribbean Cupcake

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Caribbean Cupcake


premium wheat flour 240 g
vanilla pudding 95 g
baking powder 2 tsp
salt 1 tsp
butter 115 g
vegetable oil 95 g
milk 110 g
egg C1 4 things.
sugar 280 g
dark rum (vodka + flavor) 110 g
vanilla taste
water 60 g
sugar 200 BC
butter 110 g
dark rum (vodka + flavor) 110 g
vanilla taste
salt 1/4 tsp

Cooking method

  • Caribbean CupcakeAll foods should be at room temperature. Mix flour with pudding, baking powder. Sift. Add sugar, salt, vanilla. Mix. Pour in vegetable oil and add butter.
    Caribbean CupcakeStir with a mixer until crumbs form.
    Caribbean CupcakePour in milk. Mix.
    Caribbean CupcakeAdd eggs one at a time. Stir until thoroughly mixed after each egg.
    Caribbean CupcakeIt turns out a smooth dough of medium density.
    Caribbean CupcakePour in rum. Mix. Rum can be substituted with vodka and rum flavor.
    Caribbean CupcakeGrease a mold with butter and sprinkle with flour. Pour in the dough.
    Caribbean CupcakeBake in an oven preheated to 160 degrees for 60-80 minutes. Willingness to check with a wooden skewer.
    Caribbean muffinRemove the cake from the oven and let it cool slightly. Do not remove from the mold.
    Caribbean CupcakeWhile the cake is cooling, prepare the syrup. Pour sugar and salt into the ladle. Pour in water, rum. Add oil.
    Caribbean CupcakeWe put on fire. Bring it to a boil quickly. We reduce the fire. Cook for 8-10 minutes. The syrup will begin to thicken.
    Caribbean CupcakeWe remove from the fire. Add vanilla. This is rum syrup.
    Caribbean CupcakeThis is a syrup with vodka and rum flavor.
    Caribbean CupcakeWe trim the cupcake. We pierce with a long skewer. Pour some of the syrup. We wait until it is absorbed and repeat the steps. So pour in all the syrup.
    Caribbean CupcakeLet cool completely. Cover and leave to soak for 5-8 hours. We extract from the form.
    Caribbean Cupcake
  • Caribbean Cupcake


The recipe was spied on a foreign blog.
Incredibly delicious cupcake. Moist, fragrant. Despite the high amount of sugar, the cake is not sugary. Reduce sugar in this muffin DO NOT !!! I reduced its amount by the maximum allowable amount. Checked. I baked it for the first time and halved the sugar. It turned out to be a dull, dense baking. I was very surprised how you can like such a cupcake ?! I read the reviews under it and everyone was delighted. And there are more than four hundred comments. Then I read the notes under the recipe itself (we don't always read them, but in vain). It was written there that sugar should never be reduced. The maximum reduction is 10-15 percent. I reduced it by 20. We all know that pudding can be substituted with cornstarch. This recipe also does not recommend doing this. They write that the result is worse. I haven't tried it myself.
I tried to bake this cake with both rum (a very expensive pleasure) and vodka, adding DR flavor. OETKER. I did not see the difference.
In order to make this cake easier to take out of the mold, you need to take a silicone mold. This pastry comes out of it easier. If there is no silicone or even difficulties with it, then the cake pan can be heated with a hairdryer or dipped in warm water so that the syrup melts. Can be placed in the oven at the lowest level. Turn on the temperature 180 degrees and hold for 8-10 minutes.
I repeat, a very tasty cupcake. Recommend!

Angela, painted how! I already felt the aroma. I put it in line after your apple ;-)
What a beauty! ! A very good recipe, you can directly feel how delicious it is ... I generally like pastries with dinners, they are pleasant and delicate in taste.
Well done!!
You read the recipe and you understand - it will be very tasty and you must definitely try it. Angel, thanks. I use your recipes very often.
A very tempting and attractive recipe.
The cupcake itself is handsome. Bookmarked it.
Girls, thanks for stopping by. We liked the cupcake very much.I hope you enjoy it if you bake)
Quote: ang-kay
if you bake)
I'll definitely cook it at home, I need to use the pudding ...
Olya, I'm waiting)
Angela, the cupcake is very cute, fluffy, golden we will definitely try
Tatyana, thanks for stopping by. Try it. Should like it)
Angela, the cake is ready, I made half a portion, it turned out not a small cake, I forgot to buy the pudding, I didn't want to go to the store for the third time, I used starch while waiting in the fridge until tomorrow, there was no rum, there was a Caribbean rum flavor and vodka. Tomorrow I'll report on the taste.
Zoya, well done, that decided. I look forward to impressions)
We couldn't wait until tomorrow, it's very tasty
Caribbean Cupcake
The top of the cake is covered with a delicious sugar crust.
Zoya, excellent result! Well done! Glad it tastes good to you. He's incredible)
Next time I'll cook with pudding.
Zoya, will you see the difference or not? It is impossible to delay, so as not to forget the impressions of the test. But in appearance everything worked out.
To love
ang-kay, Angela, the pudding is also idle, I bought waffles from the Hong Kong oven, but my hands will not reach the waffles)
Irina, then try the cupcake. I think you won't regret it)
To love
Angela, does the impregnation look like a baba?
Irina, the dough is different.
To love
So you have to try)
Angela, a seditious thought came to me, shouldn't I make a cupcake with cognac, if I don't forget to buy tomorrow, I'll bake it, I bought pudding today.
Today, after a night spent in the refrigerator, the taste has become more harmonious, even tastier.
Tomorrow it will be even tastier. And not cloying. Tell me?
Quote: zoyaaa
Do I have a cupcake with cognac
I think it will be no worse.
Angel, absolutely not sugary, if I don't switch to something else, I'll bake tomorrow, I'll report back.
Yesterday's cupcake won't last until tomorrow. Disposed of today.
I report that it is not worth replacing the pudding, it even improves the visual appearance of the cake, in the syrup I replaced half of the water with purchased lemon juice, rum - for cognac, I liked the taste of the syrup, I send it to the cold until tomorrow.
ZoyaThank you for unwittingly conducting an experiment. Means the authors in the comments did not deceive. With pudding, although there is only one starch, the result is better. That's great. I think that this impregnation is no worse than the original one.
Angela, I baked a cupcake. All prescription - and pudding and rum. Delicious!

Caribbean Cupcake
Tatyana, beautiful like. I'm glad I liked it.
I put the cake to bake, the flavor is super! What is the consistency of the syrup? It seems to me that mine thickened a lot in 8 minutes, it seems that it will not saturate, but will lie in a layer (
Messalina, thin it a little if it seems so. It should be like liquid honey. Moreover, it will become even thinner when you pour over a hot cake.
It's great that this recert has surfaced! Angela, and in the form of Ikeevskaya it will turn out to cook them in portions ??
Olya, What's the difference? divide the dough into two parts and that's it.
Very tasty! Only children suffer, I don't give them with rum)
Caribbean Cupcake
Messalina, there all the alcohol has evaporated. boldly come on. Only the spirit remained.

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