Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueur

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Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueur


premium wheat flour 180 BC
cocoa powder 30 g
butter 115 g
egg C1 2 pcs.
salt 1/2 tsp
sugar 200 BC
soda 1/2 tsp
baking powder 1/4 tsp
vanilla taste
chocolate 30 g
coffee 170 g
cream liqueur 60 g
chocolate 150 g
fat cream 70 ml.
butter 35 g
Protein-oil cream with liqueur
protein 3 pcs.
fine sugar 160 BC
butter 300 BC
cream liqueur 50 ml.

Cooking method

  • Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurAll foods should be at room temperature. Mix flour with cocoa, salt, soda and baking powder. Sift.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurMix coffee with liqueur.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurAdd soft butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla and chopped chocolate to the flour.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurStir with a mixer. Pour in coffee with liqueur in two steps. Stir with a mixer after each addition until combined. The dough is fluid consistency.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurDivide the dough into shapes.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurBake in an oven preheated to 175 degrees for 20-30 minutes.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurTake out. Allow to cool. Cut off caps that can be used for desserts in a glass, potatoes, or simply to eat. Cut out the middle for filling.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurBreak or chop the chocolate. Add butter to the chocolate.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurBring the cream to a boil, but do not boil. Pour butter and chocolate. Let stand for a couple of minutes.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurStir until smooth. Chill in the refrigerator. The mass should begin to thicken, but not harden.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurTransfer the ganache to the bag. Fill the middle with ganache.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurLet's prepare a cream liqueur for the cream.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurPour sugar into the proteins. Stir. Put on a steam bath.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurStirring proteins constantly bring them to a temperature of 60-65 degrees. The sugar should be completely dissolved. Pour into a bowl and whisk.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurBeat whites until glossy and room temperature.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurAdd butter one teaspoon at a time. Put each portion only after the previous one has completely mixed in.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurThe mass may become watery. We continue to beat and the mass will turn into a thick cream.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurPour in the liquor in several steps, stirring at low mixer speeds.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurIt turns out a dense, glossy cream. Transfer the cream to a bag with a nozzle and deposit the caps. If desired, pour the ganache over the hats and crush the cupcake scraps on them.
    Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueur
  • Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


The recipe for cupcakes is taken from a foreign blog. I picked up the cream and filler myself.

Obscene tasty) I recommend!

Angel, well, this is impossible beautiful!
Ilmira, Thank you. And delicious!
Angelahow are you on time !! How lovely!! This is all that I sooo want !! What a performance .. SHIKARDOS !!! Thanks a hundred times.
Py. Sy .. how many pieces from this bookmark ??
Olya, Thank you. Very tasty. I made them at the end of winter) In my opinion, 12 pieces.
The new form will be good, won't it? I wouldn’t hurt, now it’s blown up ... in composition, just a recipe for mortality !!
Olya, it will be great. Exactly 12 will turn out.

Quote: zvezda
Would not hurt
What is it?
Gorgeous, thanks for the beauty !!!
Angela, incredibly beautiful! Very graceful!
Thank you for the unearthly beauty! Bookmarked until better times.
Quote: ang-kay
What is it?
Ay, I'll lie down !! Everything is fine..
Ksyusha, Marina, Thank you
Quote: zvezda
lie down!
Clear. It slipped through again. You lie on a heating pad.
Quote: ang-kay
You lie on the heating pad.
How do you know ??? Is that visible ??
Olya, you and with me lay on a heating pad for several days. What else can you have?
Quote: ang-kay
you may have something else
What if I have a headache? Not,,??
Olya, and head too Like all of us)
Prus - 2
Angela, thanks for the recipe! And for me this form is idle, now it is necessary to use))! It's been lying for a year already, I haven't baked it in it yet ((. My favorite cream is protein-oil! Tell me, dear, don't you need to heat the chocolate in the dough? It will be difficult to stir it with pieces with a mixer. "I wanted to bake Omelka's Chelsea buns on Sunday, and now I want those cupcakes. And I have chocolate liqueur at home."
Angela, wonderful dessert! Thank you !
Angela, thanks for the great recipe, top notch as always! Even reading is insanely delicious!
Chic! I want to bake tomorrow. Only now I have no liqueur, is it critical?
Girls, thanks for the visit, praise and attention to the recipe. Very nice. Bake. It is delicious)
Quote: Prus - 2
and you don't need to heat the chocolate in the dough? It will be difficult to stir it in pieces with a mixer.
Lyuba, do not. You just need to chop. There it is 30 grams. It is not enough. You can not add at all)
Quote: Olekma
Only now I have no liqueur, is it critical?
Katerina, no. Just add more coffee.
In general, it is so beautiful that you can just sit and admire.
Once my daughter brought me such similar sweets from some private bakery. They were delicious!
These wonderful cupcakes are probably a delicacy!
It seems that there are not too many ingredients, so you can start cooking, but ... But my handles are unlikely to cope.
Angela, thanks! Pies straight from an expensive French pastry shop!
Angela, the recipe is still in the bookmarks, there are good vanilla recipes, but there were not enough chocolate ones. Thanks for the recipe
Quote: Rituslya
will cope.
Rituslya, thank you dear. And you can definitely do it. In general, a minimum of body movements with the test. Any favorite cream can be taken. Or even bake and leave like that.
Quote: NM
and there were not enough chocolate
Hope, thank you for your attention and praise. Take another look at these cupcakes. They are wonderful.
Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueurDark Beer Chocolate Cupcakes
ang-kaywhat is the best substitute for coffee here? Milk? Just water?
arini, water, I think. Or chicory.
Oh, and my cream is exfoliated
arini, the temperature difference was large or there was too much oil at once. Maybe the butter isn't very good either. Something is broken.
how to save? squirrels, apparently, have not cooled down enough. At first, everything intervened well, but in the end it curled up.
If you separate water and oil with proteins, then nothing. If it is homogeneous, but liquid, then try to beat further.
It seems to have saved. I put it on the steam bath for just a minute, whisking at the same time. Everything became homogeneous, put it in the refrigerator, let it grab better, and beat it again. Cupcakes with ganache inside are waiting for the cream
arini, well and good)
Angela, sorry, I still have to take a course in decorating
Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueur
Chocolate cupcakes with cream liqueur

Here I am inattentive. It's your birthday today! Congratulations! May this day always be a holiday for you! Thanks for your hard work and great help!
arini, turned out. I hope you enjoy the taste too.
Thanks for the compliments)
arini, it seems to me that it turned out very cool !! Buy one nozzle normal for jewelry and jigging and you will be happy !! Once you got hooked on Angelina's recipes, everything ,,,, write lost ,, better now buy what you need, and the rest will come by itself ,,
zvezdathanks for the praise
I liked the cupcakes, the dough is wet, chocolate. In combination with cream and ganache, it is generally bombically
But I didn't have much liquor, as it turned out. Only in the dough she livanula, added honey to the cream. Well, okay, my baby is eating small cream
What attachment do I need?
arini, choose any, to your taste! I like 1M, 1B, 7S, but you have to choose yourself!
zvezda, Thank you so much!

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