I want to share my experience. I describe the process with all the details and put it out in a separate topic so as not to get lost.
Now many people buy attachments for a stock in Okay. A similar promotion was in the Globe in the winter of 17/18, when Sense and Kenwood attachments were sold at a 60% discount. Thanks to the members of the forum, I then bought a whole bunch of attachments.
And so, during the warranty period (2 years), my meat grinder broke down. In the service, she was recognized as unrepairable, and an act was issued about this.
And then the situation turned out to be practically insoluble. The buyer has the right to demand: 1. Money back. 2. Replacement of goods. In this case, he must contact exclusively the store that sold the goods.
Globus was ready to return the money to me, but it is only 3000 rubles. while the new meat grinder costs almost 8000. And the store could not replace it, because it was a single share, the Globe Kenwoods does not sell.
The Kenwood Hotline does not really say anything, except that you need to contact the store where the purchase was made.
At first I called, then I arrived at Globus, where I bought a nozzle, and turned to the information point, as ordered. Naturally, neither the operators on the phone, nor the girls at the information point, know how to sort out my situation. Finally, the manager was called. He also did not know what to do, but said that he would try one option. And this option worked. I was lucky to have caught a nice, caring person.

So what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.
Delongy has After Sales Service Department, which, in particular, deals with the issues of compensation and exchange of equipment that failed during the warranty period. You must somehow get to this department.
The hotline will not transfer you to this department. Interestingly, the department has a landline telephone (see below), but it is deafly silent. Employees can only be contacted by mobile. It is not known whether they will talk to you if you call "from the street." You can try.
If they refuse to speak, you must personally go to the store where you bought the attachment or the car, call the manager and if he (she), like everyone else, shrugs his shoulders, explain to him that he should contact the After-sales service department and send your data there and related documents.
This is exactly what the Globe manager did. I came with a statement written in free form and copies of the check and non-repairability certificate... Before I got home, the following letter arrived:

Good day.
Thanks for the information provided.

To receive compensation, you must:
1. Fill out the form (template on the link)

2. An application filled in by you and verified by an employee of Delongy LLC will be sent to your email address. You need to print it, sign and send it with the original purchase receipt and the Non-repairable Certificate to the Address:
127055, Moscow,
st. Suschevskaya 27, building 3
LLC "Delonghi" department of after-sales service.

3. After receiving a complete set of documents, you will be compensated.

Yours faithfully,
* Sergey Chulkov *,
After Sales Service Manager
"Delonghi" LLC, Sushchevskaya st., 27, bld.3, Moscow, Russia, 127055
Phone: +7 (495) 781-26-76, ext. 325 +7 (926) 9919244

Having done everything that was necessary, I sent a letter, of course, certified, with a list of attachments. And then the second part of the Marlezon ballet began. The letter arrived at the post office, and no one comes for it (certified, must be received by mail). In short, it lay there for two weeks.And they took him only a few days after I called the Kenwood hotline.
Two days later they called me and agreed on the delivery time (Moscow - delivery by courier, to the provinces, as I understood, by mail).

Suddenly someone will find themselves in a similar situation, then my information will come in handy.

Valeria, thanks for the information!
And here is the mail
They answer in English, instantly, help. I was so redirected from Kenwood Danish support.
Valeria, very helpful information, thanks. Let us know how you will receive compensation. That is, you have to pay the full cost, right?
j @ ne
And it seemed to me that we are talking about an exchange for a new attachment? I'd like to wait for the continuation!
Quote: Irlarsen
here is the email support@delonghicampaign.com
This is with you, but with us everything is different :(
Quote: julia_bb
That is, you have to pay the full cost, right?
No, they will bring me a new attachment. 2 point: the buyer has the right to demand replacement of the goods
Delivery on Wednesday.
You are well done! And my chopper, which came as a gift, broke down. That is, there were no documents for him. Well, I used it for about a year, and thanks for that.

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