Cake "Temptation for Adam"

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Cake Temptation for Adam


BISCUIT: Chicken egg 2 pcs
Sugar 40 g
Wheat flour 30 g
Corn starch 25 g
Lemon zest 1/2 tsp
Dye red
Chicken egg 1 PC
Corn starch 12 g
Vanilla taste
Sugar 30 g
Butter 10 g
Cream 35% 150 g
Gelatin 3.5 g
KULI: Cherry puree 130 g
Sugar 2 tbsp. l.
Corn starch 8 g
Gelatin 4 g
FOR ASSEMBLING: Chocolate black 100 g
Cherry syrup 60 g

Cooking method

Cake Temptation for Adam
To prepare this cake, you need a silicone hemisphere mold, each nest of which is 6 cm in diameter. I advise you to divide the preparation of the cake into 2 stages. Sponge cake, coolies, cream and freezing - stage 1 and day 1. Assembly, coating with chocolate, syrup and crumbs - stage 2 and day 2. BISCUIT: Weigh out all the products for the biscuit and prepare in advance. Sift flour and starch together. Separate the whites from the yolks. Whisk the whites and sugar together at once. Beat until sugar is completely dissolved. The meringue should be whisked to firm peaks, smooth and shiny.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Beat the yolks with a fork and pour into the meringue, mix with a spatula, add the zest and mix again. Introduce the flour mixture in two steps, stirring with a spatula from top to bottom and in a circle.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Set aside 3 tbsp in a culinary bag or syringe. l. test. Add color to the remaining dough and mix well
Cake Temptation for Adam
Place the dough on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and flatten it into a 1 cm thick rectangle. Cover with baking paper on top, sticking to the surface of the dough. This is done so that a brown crust does not form on top. In the remaining space of the baking sheet, from the dough that we left unpainted, I deposited 6 cm diameter pads on which we will place our cakes. Bake in preheated to 170 "C oven for 12 minutes. Focus on your oven.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Align the finished cake pads with cutting. Without covering, let the biscuit ripen for at least 10 hours, so that later it can be easily turned into crumbs using a blender, or on a fine grater.
Cake Temptation for Adam
KULI: I mashed the frozen cherries, breaking it with 2 tbsp. l. sugar in a blender. Soak gelatin in 2 tbsp. l. cold water and let it swell. Add starch to the puree and mix well. Put mashed potatoes on fire and heat well without bringing to a boil. Add gelatin, which melt in a steam bath or microwave without boiling. Mix everything well.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Pour into a mold with hemispheres 3 cm in diameter and freeze.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Diplomat cream: Put milk, sugar, starch and eggs in a saucepan with a thick bottom. Mix everything together so that there are no lumps. Place the saucepan over low heat and, stirring constantly, so as not to burn, brew the cream. The degree of readiness of the cream - it becomes thick, bulges appear on the surface. Remove from heat, add oil and mix thoroughly.Soak gelatin in 3 tbsp. l. cold water.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Place the cream in a container and stick to its surface with cling film. Cool completely.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Beat cream with vanilla until firm peaks. I didn't have enough sugar in the cream and added 2 tbsp. l. powdered sugar. Whip the cooled cream with a mixer and add cream into it in 2 steps, I beat it with a mixer at 2 speeds. Heat the swollen gelatin. Add to tobump and good mix.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Set aside 2 tbsp. l. cream in a separate container. Place 2.5 tbsp in each hemisphere. l. cream and press in the frozen coolie hemispheres. Place in the freezer for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Assembly: Remove the half-sphere molds from the freezer.

Collect the spheres one by one, connecting and smoothing the joint border with your finger, the cream melts slightly from warm hands, and then nothing is visible. Immediately place the finished ball back into the freezer, where you put the container in advance. At this stage, you can prepare cakes a few days before the holiday, just cover them tightly with a lid.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Place the cream on substrates. It will be the "cement" that will hold the ball on it.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Melt chocolate in a steam bath, I melted it in a microwave. Pour the cherry syrup into a large container. Place the biscuit crumbs in a spacious container. Take the ball out of the refrigerator and prick it (not very deeply) on a sharp skewer. Dip in chocolate, places where the ball does not fall into chocolate, pour with a spoon, hold the pricked ball with a skewer upside down, ball down to let the excess chocolate drain. We do everything quickly, because the chocolate on the frozen ball freezes very quickly.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Using a brush, a ball with frozen chocolate, carefully, without missing, grease abundantly with syrup.
Cake Temptation for Adam
And then we bread in biscuit crumbs. We place the finished cake on a pad with cream and put it in the refrigerator (not in the freezer !!!). We do the same with the rest of the cakes. The assembly is best done on the day of the holiday.
Cake Temptation for Adam
Place the remaining cream on a substrate and decorate the cake with mint sprigs. All! Make coffee and you can call your Adam, believe me, he will not remain indifferent, tested on his own experience!

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The cake is based on the "Christmas ball" by the pastry chef from France Nicolas Boussin.
I changed the recipe, and instead of shu with confiture, I put frozen cherry puree coolie inside, and also baked a simpler sponge cake.
A cake in the form of a ball in biscuit crumbs, under which there is a thin layer of dark chocolate, the most delicate Diplomat cream and, finally, the core - cherry puree coolie. Do not be intimidated by a long description of the process, everything is not so scary, although it takes time and diligence.

Cake Temptation for Adam

Cake Temptation for Adam

Full delight
I don't know how it tastes, but it looks just stunning
Elena, Thank you so much! The cake is very tasty, the combination of cherries, chocolate and Diplomat cream is a classic.
Another would like to understand how to edit the recipe ...
Natalia, fixed. There is an instruction in small print in every step
Chef, many thanks, I'll try to figure it out!
lettohka ttt
natapit, Beauty, and admiration !!!
Natalia, thank you very much, I am very pleased!
Stunned. What a beauty.
Meri klarissa
Luxurious presentation, great combination of flavors! Thank you.
Galina, Meri klarissa, thank you very much for your kind words and attention to the recipe!
Very nice and festive !!! Thank you!
Dunyaz, thank you very much!
As always - luxurious, exclusive, delicious and, I'm sure, tastes divine!
Prus - 2
Natasha, the recipe is, as always, stunning! The beauty is incredible! Thank you!
natapitNatasha, not earthly beauty, the name is appropriate, heavenly! Thanks for the aesthetic pleasure!
Rita, Lyuba, Marinathank you girls! I wanted to cook something unusual! I will try to please you with new recipes!
natapit, Natasha, stunned, beauty !! ! I'm in a swoon
Will there be no cutter? So I wonder how it works inside Or does it break when cutting?
Elena, thank you very much! I made cakes as a gift, asked to take a photo, it is not very good, but what is there
Cake Temptation for Adam

Yes, it breaks when slicing, but very tasty, crispy chocolate, sour coolie and cream like ice cream, very tender.
natapit, Natalia, Thank you! And beauty inside! Looks like a fig
natapit, Natalia
The cake is fully consistent with its name "Temptation for Adam" how could Adam (and I, too) resist such a temptation?
Elena, Tatyana, thank you very much, yes, it's hard to resist!
natapit, Natasha,I made cakes. All according to the recipe, only made a double portion of the cream.I received - 2 balls, 6 cm in diameter, 5 pieces - in the shape of an `` apple ''. She covered 4 pieces with chocolate and 3 remained in the freezer. Delicious cake! Thank you very much for the recipe!

Cake Temptation for Adam
Tatyana, What a beauty!!!! Great job! Thank you very much for the beautiful photo report!

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