Lobio in Abkhazian "Akaliachapa"

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Lobio in Abkhazian Akaliachapa


green beans (I have frozen) 400 BC
turnip onion 1 PC.
garlic 2 tooth.
adjika 2 tsp (taste)
walnuts 100 g
greens (cilantro, parsley, dill) bundle.
salt taste
apple cider vinegar 6% 1 tbsp. l. (taste)
spices (coriander, hops-suneli, utskho-suneli, turmeric,

Cooking method

Lobio in Abkhazian Akaliachapa
Cut the beans into pieces and remove the side "string" if you have fresh beans. Boil until soft. My beans took 5 minutes. Throw in a colander. Allow to cool and drain off the water. Reserve the water in which the beans were boiled.
Lobio in Abkhazian Akaliachapa
Chop the beans very finely or crush them with a spatula.
Lobio in Abkhazian Akaliachapa
Dry the nuts in a frying pan without oil. Allow to cool and grind into crumbs.
Lobio in Abkhazian Akaliachapa
Chop the onion very finely. Grate garlic or pass through a press. Chop the herbs finely.
Lobio in Abkhazian Akaliachapa
Add onion with garlic, herbs, nuts, adjika to the beans. Add spices.
Lobio in Abkhazian Akaliachapa
Stir, taste. If necessary, then salt. If the lobio is dry, add the bean broth. The consistency should be like a pate.
Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


Recipe from the Internet.
Not a bad snack. Those who love phali will definitely like it. Suitable for fasting. Recommend!

Angela, I cook such a dish, but without onions. I'll try with onions, thanks!
Marina, try it. Maybe this option will also be to your taste)
Angela, thanks for the recipe, I love green beans, but I never cooked them in the form of lobio, it should be very tasty) but I will slightly fry the onions, I would not like raw here
Quote: kavmins

per recipe,
Marina, to health)

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