Cake "Velvet Heart"

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Velvet Heart Cake


Almonds (crumb) 3 tbsp. l.
Cream cheese like Philadelphia, Almente 200 g
Mascarpone 150 g
Black chocolate 70 g
Cherry glass or cocktail 100 g
Powdered sugar 2 tbsp. l.
FOR ASSEMBLING: Biscuit crumbs (link to recipe below)
Cherry syrup 50 ml
For decoration: Sugar golden 1 tsp
Figures in the form of hearts 6 pcs

Cooking method

Velvet Heart Cake
Cut the cherries into pieces. Melt chocolate and cool.
Velvet Heart Cake
Beat the cheeses with powdered sugar. Add chocolate and beat again. Add cherries and almonds, mix well with a spatula.
Velvet Heart Cake
Fill the silicone mold with nests in the form of hearts with the prepared mixture and send it to the freezer overnight.
Velvet Heart Cake
Free the cakes from the mold and cover very well with syrup on all sides.
Velvet Heart Cake
Cover thoroughly with biscuit crumbs, garnish with golden sugar and a curly heart. Place in the refrigerator (not in the freezer!)
Velvet Heart Cake
The cake turned out to be very tender, not sugary at all and, of course, very tasty.
Velvet Heart Cake
MMM tasty!

The dish is designed for



Can you hear the heart beating?
Rejoicing to be with you.
We cannot escape fate
And you can't hide anything.

Do you hear, I can hear too ...
We are in tune with you.
You can't breathe without me
I breathe you!


Velvet Heart Cake

Velvet Heart Cake

Velvet Heart Cake

Biscuit crumb recipe

I am again the first on beauty and again delighted
Elena, thank you dear ! Would be near and would be treated with great pleasure!
And I would not refuse
natapit, Natashawhat a funky yet another masterpiece! Very beautiful and, I have no doubt, delicious!
Incredibly beautiful, I really feel how delicious they are Natalia, many thanks for an interesting and very necessary recipe
Elena, Svetlanathank you girls! The dessert is very, very tasty, it is easy and quick to prepare, you can give it any shape, and instead of a biscuit, cover it with chocolate chip crumbs.

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