Turkey tenderloin broth (dietary) in a Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt Multicooker.

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Turkey tenderloin broth (dietary) in a Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt Multicooker.


Small turkey fillet or two chicken fillets from a small breast 1 PC.
Onion or some dried onion 1 PC.
Dill stalks, cilantro and parsley stalks 6 pcs.
Stalk or slice of root celery 1 PC.
Carrot 1 PC.
Bay leaf 1/3 pcs.
Carnation bud 1 PC.
Allspice 3 pcs.
Hmeli-suneli pinch
Water 2 - 2.5 l
Salt taste
Large potato and / or half zucchini option

Cooking method

There are times when it is necessary to organize dietary meals. Often I cook such a broth, which I then use for vegetable soups and noodles, and boiled turkey or chicken breast for salads, minced meat or sandwiches-sandwiches.
This recipe is simple and unpretentious, but nevertheless I present it for the new owners of Foodie, so that they do not open "america", as I did when receiving the Multican, but immediately began to prepare broths.
Take a small turkey fillet. I do not advise boiling from a large fillet, it will still turn out rather dry, and its fibers are larger and coarser.
Soak in cold water for about 30 minutes.
Pour filtered water into a saucepan. Throw in dried onions or lightly fried onions in a dry frying pan, petioles of any greens. I prefer the stalks of cilantro, dill, and parsley, which are often thrown away after cutting greens for salads. But it's good without parsley.
We put the peeled carrots. It would be nice to cut it figuratively so that a simple low-fat broth would play more joyfully, at least in relation to its kind.
Add some celery - a green stem or a piece of root. Do not overdo it with celery, it greatly "clogs" the taste of the rest of the ingredients in any dish.

Turkey tenderloin broth (dietary) in a Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt Multicooker.

From spices I add a couple of grains of allspice, 1/3 of a bay leaf, 1 clove, if you like its aroma (it suits mainly poultry broths and lamb broths, to heighten the aroma I throw a couple of pinches of hops-suneli, just a pinch, so that only a shade is added to taste, but not frankly felt.
I sometimes add whole potatoes or coarsely chopped zucchini or zucchini. Then I just knead it in a plate so that the broth does not seem empty.
We close the pot with a removable lid, checking the position of the valve lever - we need it to be in the "Seal" position.
Cook in the Ninja Multicast for 15 minutes on the Pressure mode. After the program has finished, the saucepan goes into heating mode, literally translated as "keep warm, that is," Keep Warm ".
We leave on this mode for 20-30 minutes, then forcibly release the pressure and get a tender juicy breast and a transparent fragrant broth, sufficiently saturated for such a simple dietary meat.
For a small chicken fillet, if we cut the breast in half and cook without bones, 10-12 minutes is enough, followed by heating, as already mentioned.
And, of course, turkey is not a turkey. So I want to get a tender fillet from an old turkey.
Turkey tenderloin broth (dietary) in a Ninja® Foodi® 6.5-qt Multicooker.
Cook easy and simple to keep your loved ones healthy!


Since we put the bay leaf immediately, I do not advise using a whole leaf, put a quarter or one third. With pressure cooking, the extraction is much stronger, and the bay leaf flavor can become dominant in the broth or even add a bitter taste.

Rada-dms, eh, very beautiful broth, just a tear
Lerele, it's not me, it's Fudik who cooks like that!
Dieting, as my Georgian friend says, loading a full plate of lobio with walnuts!
lettohka ttt
Rada-dms, Olga, what a beautiful crystal broth!
Mmm .. no words ...
lettohka ttt, Natusya, thanks for the praise! Help yourself to your health. I can say that I have been eating such broth for some time now. I take care of the stomach.

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