Truffles "There is no laziness"

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Truffles are not lazy


Condensed milk 150 g
Cocoa 70 g

Cooking method

It is difficult to imagine chocolates that are less expensive in terms of both composition and labor intensity. The taste is richly chocolatey, the consistency is closer to soft iris, but on the Korean site they are called truffles. You can diversify the taste with various additives: rum (which I did), nuts, vanilla, etc., but I present the simplest and easiest option.
Truffles are not lazyWe measure out the required amount of condensed milk and heat it up for ~ 30 seconds, to a moderately hot state in the microwave: it becomes thinner, and it will be easier to mix cocoa into it.
Truffles are not lazyCocoa in several steps, sifting and stirring each time, add to the condensed milk.
Truffles are not lazyFirst, stir in the cocoa with a spatula, spoon or whisk.
Truffles are not lazyWhen the mixture is thick enough, it is more convenient to stir it with your hands.
Truffles are not lazyWrap the well-mixed, homogeneous mass in plastic wrap and send it to the refrigerator for an hour and a half.
Truffles are not lazyWe take the mass out of the refrigerator, knead it and give it a shape that is convenient for cutting into equal parts.
Truffles are not lazyDivide the mass into approximately equal portions and roll balls out of them. On the Korean site, it is recommended to constantly add cocoa at this stage in order to avoid the mass sticking to the knife and hands, but this did not happen to me - the mass was not at all sticky, but resembled plasticine in consistency. It remains to roll the balls in cocoa and you can serve the easiest and most delicious sweets to the tea table.

What a beauty! Only 2 ingredients) thanks for this yummy
I would not refuse now with a seagull. Delicious!
Mmmmm ..........................................

I confirm, such a super simple mixture and delicious and lazy
Quote: Irgata
when the biscuit is ready, without taking it out of the mold, in the princess, she anointed the cake with * cream * (condensed milk + cocoa powder, not a thick mixture), closed the princess and held it for another 10 minutes, the princess is warm for a long time
dopleta, Simple as that! I will definitely cook it! Thank you!
Larissa, thanks for the recipe, we must try, and teach the children to sculpt candy themselves.
Recently, I became interested in chocolate and sweets. Unlike cakes, the process is more flexible and calming. Though there is no less dirty dishes afterwards. remade different truffles. Both classic and cheese ones from Larisa Baranikhina, and with beer. Larissa, your recipe is just a bomb. Simple, clean, minimum ingredients. I replaced simple condensed milk with boiled condensed milk, the sweets turned out to have a caramel taste, moderately sweet, moderately soft. Thank you very much for the recipe.
dopleta, Larissa, as you want it, but there is no condensed milk in the cupboard
I'll drag it under my pillow for now
Quote: Ilmirushka

dopleta, Larissa, as you want it, but there is no condensed milk in the cupboard
I'll drag it under my pillow for now
Ilmirushka, milk can be boiled with sugar in a cartoon. We had a recipe on the forum. For Shteba for sure.
Matilda_81, Gulnara, yes, I found it, so I used up the milk for pancakes
Quote: Matilda_81
Unlike cakes, the process is more flexible and calming.
Yeah. I really love non-stained recipes. And now I am standing again, twisting my coconut cords - the son-in-law of the employees treated me, now they are asking for more "heavenly delight". Thank you, Matilda_81, Ilmirushka !
Larissa, tomorrow I plan to boil condensed milk and make these yummies of yours
And now I will do it with boiled one on the advice of Guli!
She came, as they say, armed with a notebook and a pen to outline everything, but you can just remember everything!
What a wonderful two-piece recipe!
Very good!
Larochka, thanks!
On the photo, the trefelki are exactly the store ones. Handsome men!
Quote: dopleta

And now I will do it with boiled on the advice of Guli!
We ate everything. I will interfere with new ones, I added more waffle crumbs.
Larissa, what a wonderful recipe! What simple and lazy sweets! I already want to try, just crawl out of the crib
Tomorrow is unlikely to succeed, with my husband we leave from the very early, and then work to work. We'll have to wait until Sunday
dopleta, Larissa, honored me, I'm dragging!
Truffles are not lazy

Truffles are not lazy
Added chopped funluk.
I didn’t roll everything, the taste seemed bitter, so I left it naked
Well, she didn't roll the pyramid balls either, so we'll eat it!
You got great sweets, thanks, Ilmirushka !
LarissaThank you!

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