Bide bi may - eggs in water

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Kitchen: arabic
Bide bi may - eggs in water


lemon juice 50 ml.
olive oil 3-4 tbsp. l.
garlic 1-2 teeth.
chicken egg 6 pcs.
salt taste

Cooking method

Bide bi may - eggs in water
Mix lemon juice with oil. Add the garlic passed through a press. Mix well.
Bide bi may - eggs in water
Pour water into the pan to half the volume. Put on fire. Bring water to a boil. Release eggs gently. Let the water boil. Reduce fire. Remove foam and loose protein on the surface.
Bide bi may - eggs in water
Cook eggs until desired. Salt. Remove gently with a large spoon or spatula. Transfer to a plate and pour over the sauce.
Bide bi may - eggs in water

Bide bi may - eggs in water
Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


I saw the recipe on the Povarenok website.
Delicious poached eggs are obtained. Cooking without problems and unnecessary body movements. The sauce adds a savory flavor to the familiar dish. Delicious. Recommend!

ang-kay, here you have to come up with this, it looks very appetizing. I will certainly do
Angela, I really liked the way of cooking, I wouldn't have thought of it myself! Thanks, I will try
Lerele, Nataliya, girls, cook. Delicious. Thanks for stopping by)
Angela, Thank you. I'll have to try it your way, with this sauce. We love this, but with a crouton - mmm.
Vita, she herself did not expect that it would turn out so tasty. And I love poached eggs.
Tusya Tasya
I read and think: well, just poached eggs. And they really are poached. Angela, can you add salt to the cooking water? And where to use the broth from cooking? (This is, of course, a joke.) Thanks for the recipe and the interesting egg sauce.
Natasha, yes, poached in this way lazy.
Quote: Tusya Tasya
do not salt?
No. Salt only eggs.
Quote: ang-kay
3-4 cm. l.
what is the measuring capacity?
Quote: OgneLo
what is the measuring capacity?
Dinner spoon. It's hard to guess?))) Nothing can be directly encrypted
Angela, does lemon juice make your eggs sour?
Irina, pour it to your taste. Sour sauce.
ang-kay, I am without sauce Angela

Bide bi may - eggs in water
Ira, the beauty! And I really liked the sauce. Do a third. Try it. Such a note opens. Of course, everything is individual.
ang-kay, I'm on the way out, there is garlic, what if I have to kiss
The eggs turned out very tasty, as I like, in a bag, it's just difficult to achieve exactly such an egg consistency, but here is exactly what you need
Clear. Yes, it's hard to guess with "in the bag")
I took it to the bookmarks, I love this kind of eggs, Angela, thanks for the recipe. As I saw dishes with florid abracadabra names in the strip, well, I think for sure Angelina, yeah, there are both your recipes
Svetlana, take it. No pity)

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