Lobia chikhyrtmasy

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Lobia chikhyrtmasy


green beans (I have frozen) 400 BC
turnip onion 1 PC.
twisted tomatoes (fresh) 150 ml. (2 pcs.)
egg 2-3 pcs.
salt taste
ground black pepper taste
vegetable oil 2-3 st. l.

Cooking method

Lobia chikhyrtmasy
Boil the beans until tender. Throw in a colander. It took my beans 5 minutes. If you are cooking fresh, wash the beans, remove the side "string", cut into pieces.
Lobia chikhyrtmasy
This is what my twisted tomatoes look like. I prepare in the summer. I chop the tomatoes in a food processor, bring the mass to a boil and pour them into sterile jars. I screw it with sterile lids. I use it in borscht, in dishes that require tomatoes in their own juice or fresh tomatoes, which are still cooked. We call such a preparation fruit drink.
Lobia chikhyrtmasy
Dice the onion. Put in a frying pan and fry until transparent. Fill with fruit drink or put chopped tomatoes. Stir and bring to a boil. If you have fresh tomatoes, simmer under the lid to soften the tomatoes.
Lobia chikhyrtmasy
Pour in the beans. mix. Let the liquid evaporate a little. Salt, pepper.
Lobia chikhyrtmasy
Loose the eggs and pour into the pan. Cover the pan with a lid for 20-30 seconds.
Lobia chikhyrtmasy
Remove the lid, mix. Bring the eggs until tender.
Lobia chikhyrtmasy

Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


I found two ways to cook this dish on the Internet, even three. The first one is shown by me.
Second way. The beans are placed in a saucepan. Raw onions are added and a little water is poured. Stew until tender. Tomatoes are added. Simmer until the tomatoes are soft. Then the eggs pour in.
Third way. The beans are boiled. Fry the onions a little, put beans, and put tomatoes on top. Cover. Stew until tomatoes are cooked. Eggs are poured in.
My way seemed to me the most "delicious". Beans do not undergo such a long heat treatment. Retains its color and does not lose its taste.
The dish is delicious. Can be eaten as a separate dish and used as a side dish. Recommend!

Angela, even in the photo it's delicious. Chykhyrtma is like scrambled eggs, but with green beans, I think !!!
I am still in love with Azerbaijani cuisine! Thank you for the pleasant memories!
Oh, what a dish!
We love beans very much, very much!
But I cook it completely lazy, when I boil it, and then I just fry it with an egg.
And here is an onion, and tomatoes, and an egg!
Mmmm !!
Angela, thank you very much! A very healthy recipe!
Olya, Rita, I am glad that you liked the dish and brought back pleasant memories. Thank you for taking the time to look)
Quote: Ukka
Chykhyrtma is like scrambled eggs,
Olya, thanks for clarifying) Very interesting.
It should be delicious, it should, thanks for the recipe !!!
Ksyushayes, delicious. hope you cook)
I love beans, but for some reason I never thought of cooking with tomatoes, thanks, I will definitely do it)
Marina, to health)
Great recipe, Angela, thanks. I love these beans, I will have to cook this dish
Svetlana, I hope you like it)

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