Dear members of the forum, I had a problem with a multi-shredder nozzle. A plastic pin (I don't know what to call it correctly) flew out when sugar was ground. I inserted it, but everything repeats itself. Car KVS - 70 The pin of the multi-shredder flew out to the Kenwood KVS-70
The pin of the multi-shredder to Kenwood KVS-70 flew out
Molli, Svetlana, it also crashes for me. I was also scared when it happened the first time, but it turned out that this happens. I asked on the forum.
At first I wanted to buy a new knife, but somehow my hands did not reach. I just keep the part in a bag so as not to lose this pin. And I also pasted a sticker on the bag so as not to forget: it will suddenly fly out when I get it
I also crash on one, insert it back and use it.

Quote: LisaNeAlisa
I also crash on one
The point is that it stops grinding! I shoot, insert, turn on, and immediately flies out and makes noise.
Molli, Svetlana, in the second photo you have it inserted at least incorrectly, it seemed to me so ... The cruciform protrusions should go into the grooves, and not be at the top. Maybe this is the case?
Quote: belena74
The cruciform tabs should fit into the grooves, not up.
I just put it for the photo so that it was visible, the tips may already be damaged.

And my chopper is covered. First, this plastic part began to fly out. Put it back in and it worked. Last time I tried to make nut butter. Something squealed inside. She turned it off quickly. Since then, there was no sense in trying to grind something. In an empty glass, the knives rotate, but not with the contents. At first I was scared that this outlet had broken in general. But the harvester works.
Good day! And does this happen to many? Very unpleasant .... For a manufacturer like Kenwood, at least unpleasant.
Girls, the same thing happened, moreover, less than a month after the purchase, I have been playing for 2 years. I agree, it is very inconvenient and this quality discredits the manufacturer, and even taking into account the cost of their products. I showed it to a familiar master, he suggested that it was attached to a magnet. If desired, this can be easily fixed by gluing a magnet. The husband promised to do it, but 3 more years have not passed

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