Candy "Paradise fig tree"

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Candy Paradise fig tree


cottage cheese 5-9% 250 g
shortbread cookies 120 g
dried figs 50 g
walnuts 50 g
sugar 10 g
honey 50 g
butter (soft) 25 g
cocoa powder 20 g

Cooking method

Candy Paradise fig tree
Chop the nuts into large pieces with a knife and fry a little in a dry frying pan over medium heat, 2-3 minutes.
Candy Paradise fig tree
Candy Paradise fig tree
Add sugar. Fry the nuts for another 2-3 minutes, until the sugar caramelizes. Remove cooked nuts on a plate and cool.
Candy Paradise fig tree
Grind the cookies in a blender to small crumbs. Add roasted nuts and finely chopped figs to it.
Candy Paradise fig tree
Mix everything well.
Candy Paradise fig tree
Rub the cottage cheese through a sieve, add soft butter and liquid honey to it. Mix everything until smooth.
Candy Paradise fig tree
Combine the curd mass with the dry mixture. Mix.
Candy Paradise fig tree
Divide the mass into ~ 50 g pieces and roll them into balls. If the mass is sticky, work with it and roll the balls with wet hands.
Candy Paradise fig tree
Dust the candies on all sides with cocoa powder and refrigerate for a couple of hours, or better overnight.
Candy Paradise fig tree
The combination of figs with cottage cheese, honey and nuts is fabulous. Both adults and children like sweets.

Such sweets will pull you into paradise!
And you can't live without honey?
Quote: Volgas
Is it impossible without honey?
Svetlana honey can be replaced with maple syrup or molasses.
Quote: Tatyana1103
or molasses.
This falls away too.
Quote: Tatyana1103
replace with maple syrup
But this will do, but you still have to look with us.
You can also take a thick syrup, I did it with figs, it also turns out delicious. The main thing is not to interrupt the taste of figs.
And why treacle is not allowed, there seems to be nothing forbidden, and you can do it yourself.

To make 100 g of molasses, take 80 g of sugar with 20 ml of water, add a little lemon juice or citric acid and simmer over very low heat for half an hour.

We only sell maple syrup in Metro, sometimes I bring it back from vacation.
And I have honey, maple syrup, and even Jerusalem artichoke! Curd is not a problem. The candies are gorgeous! I took the recipe, really liked it!
Quote: Rada-dms
I took the recipe, really liked it!

I especially like them when they lie in the refrigerator for a day, the mass becomes denser and more uniform, with coffee or tea, delicious

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