Greek style meat

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Greek style meat


Pork (pitted, shoulder) 700 g
Zucchini 400 g
Eggplant 400 g
Bulgarian red pepper 400 g
Pitted olives (olives, capers) 100 g
Bulb onions 200 g
Garlic 3 tooth.
A tomato 500 g
Salt taste
Black pepper taste
Sweet paprika 1 tsp
Olive oil 4 tbsp. l.
Cream is not greasy 150 ml
Dill or parsley

Cooking method

Greek style meat
Fry the meat cut into large pieces in oil well heated in a saucepan.
Greek style meat
Place in an ovenproof dish, leaving oil in a saucepan. In the same oil, fry the zucchini cut into pieces and send them to the meat, leaving the oil in a saucepan.
Greek style meat
We do the same with peppers and eggplants, cut into large pieces. We can't clean the eggplants.
Greek style meat
Simmer the onions and garlic lightly, add a little more oil if necessary, and place them on top of the vegetables and meat.
Greek style meat
Cover the tomatoes and olives with the last layer, sprinkle with herbs on top and pour with cream. Cover with foil and send to oven preheated to 185 "C for 45 minutes.
Greek style meat
Remove the foil and bake for another 10-15 minutes until golden brown.
Greek style meat
The meat turns out to be very soft, tender and juicy, vegetables keep their shape well and do not fall apart, and your family now and then looks into the kitchen, because the aroma of this dish is amazing, and you will appreciate the taste by cooking it yourself!

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Cooking program:

oven, stove


Greek style meat

Greek style meat

Greek style meat

what a delicious dish! interesting that olives are added, this is the highlight)) thanks!
I join the previous speaker!
I cook such meat with vegetables all the time during the season, but adding olives and cream will surely bring something new to the usual dish.
I bookmark it with gratitude
Meat with vegetables or fruits is great. In any season. For some reason I just can't cook zucchini without cutting off the peel.

Quote: SvetaI

but adding olives and cream will surely bring something new to a familiar dish.
Here you should try to add olives, and I use cream very often.

Thanks for the recipe.
Quote: Volgas
for some reason I can’t cook a zucchini without cutting off the peel.

Svetul, the zucchini were so young and fresh that it was simply a sin to peel them, and the skin was soft and tender! Olives, olives and capers add their own incomparable flavor and greatly influence the taste of the dish as a whole!

Marina, SvetaI, thanks girls, be sure to try it, I hope the dish will not disappoint you!
Quote: natapit
so young and fresh
Natasha, I understand all this, but I can't clean it. But it does not affect the taste.
Svetlana, of course not!
natapit, great and timely recipe, thanks!
Natalya, what do you think ... Is it possible today to fry meat and vegetables, put it in the refrigerator, and tomorrow - pour cream and bake?
Elena, I think yes. Good luck!
PS only without tomatoes and olives.
Quote: natapit
only without tomatoes and olives.
Yes, I thought so too. Thank you!

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