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arborio rice 400 BC
water (broth) 700 BC
tomatoes in their own juice 250 g
Creole (Cajun) seasoning 1 d. L.
bell pepper green big 1 PC.
big onion 1 PC.
smoked sausages 150-170 g.
ham 150-170 g.
seafood cocktail (shrimp) 150-170 g.
garlic 2-3 tooth.
vegetable oil 6-7 st. l.
parsley bundle.
green onion bundle.
salt taste

Cooking method

Coarsely chop the sausages and ham.
Cut the onion and green bell pepper into cubes. The pepper should be exactly green. And so take what is.
Pour oil into the cauldron. Glow up. Add sausage and ham. Fry quickly.
Add onion and pepper. Fry until transparent.
Add dry, washed rice.
Fry briefly.
Pour in broth or water. Salt. Cover and reduce heat.
When the liquid stops covering the rice, add the tomatoes. Mix. Cover and cook until rice is tender. Top up with water if necessary.
Add seafood. And chopped garlic. Mix. Cover and cook for 3 minutes.
Add chopped greens. Mix. Try it. If necessary, add salt or spices. Jambalaya is ready.

Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


Jambalaya is a rice-based Creole dish. Enters the Cajun kitchen.
There is a version that the name of this dish comes from the French jambon, which means ham. Indeed, the classic version of this dish contains ham or other sausages, but modern versions can be prepared without ham, for example, with fish or seafood.
This is often how the word “pilaf” is translated into English. Since they are outwardly similar, although they are different dishes. Wikipedia.

The dish can be prepared according to your gramme. This dish is improvisation. If there is no ingredient, then you can completely exclude it or replace it with another.
The pepper in the dish is green. It is believed to be the cheapest, and jambalaya is positioned as a dish of the poor.

It is delicious. I don't really like it, but my husband eats with great pleasure. Recommend!

Quote: ang-kay
Fry briefly.
A.P. Chekhov would be surprised that brevity is not only the sister of talent, but also the granddaughter of cooking ...

The recipe is interesting, thanks!
For a long time I ate just this kind of pilaf, only it was vegetable, but I remembered so much and really liked the rich taste of bell pepper and tomatoes, now I will know that it was vegetable jambalaya and how it can be cooked)) thank you very much!
I was then very impressed by the taste of tomatoes in combination with herbs and green pepper in this pilaf, and that it was not overcooked, but how fresh it tasted)))
Angela, as always, the design of the recipe is detailed and with beautiful photos. Thank you!
Bookmarked for later, when the time will be.
Two Marina, girls, I will be glad if you like this version of the dish. Thanks for the memories and praise)

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