Beetroot caviar with onions and carrots

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Beetroot caviar with onions and carrots


Medium beet 3 pcs.
Medium carrots 6 pcs.
Medium onion 5 pieces.
Tomato paste 1-2 tbsp. spoons
Vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

Boil the beets until tender.
Cut the peeled onion into cubes and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Do not spare oil.
Grate raw carrots on a fine grater, add to the onion and simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally until tender.
Grate boiled beets, add to the pan with carrots and onions.
Add tomato paste to vegetables, mix.
Season with salt and pepper, add sugar if desired. Cover with a lid and keep on low heat for another 5-10 minutes. I did not add sugar, the beets were sweet enough.


Recipe from the Internet. I can't find the author, but it's a pity, I want to say thank you, we really liked the caviar. In the original, the recipe is called "Grandma's Caviar".

Tatyana, thanks for the recipe, my husband loves such caviar very much. But I didn’t put the carrots, now I’ll try. And I also add some finely grated pickled or pickled cucumbers without the skin to the caviar, they really decorate it.
Now your option is next.
Quote: Svetta
And I also add some finely grated pickled or pickled cucumbers to the caviar
Svetta, at first I thought that the acid would not be enough for me, but it turned out fine And today it just went like that with sausages

Beetroot caviar with onions and carrots

but next time, and it will be soon - Fasting on the nose, I will certainly try to add a cucumber
Tatyana, and I love with prunes and walnuts! But I will definitely try it your way and with cucumbers!
Sausages are the bomb!
girls, and I make such caviar with boiled carrots. I pass carrots and boiled beets through a meat grinder, then according to the recipe
Quote: natapit
and I love with prunes and walnuts!
Natashaand I love it so much
Quote: natapit
Sausages are the bomb!
Yes, very tasty, Tyrolean sausages Mirotorg, semi-finished product. I cooked in an air fryer.

Quote: Niarma
with boiled carrots
Marina, this significantly speeds up the process. Thank you!
Tatyana, thanks for the recipe! I was just thinking about what to cook from beets
Quote: Elena_Kamch
what to cook from beets
Elena, I want you to like it

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