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White cabbage
Ground chili pepper
Mustard beans
Pickle from cucumbers / tomato / zucchini

Cooking method

Cut a small cabbage head into sectors 3-4 cm thick with a part of the stump so that the cabbage does not fall apart on the leaves, but is kept in a bunch.
Boil water in a wide saucepan, add a little salt and cook the cabbage for 3-5 minutes so that it remains firm, but does not crunch like raw. Don't overcook!
Remove cabbage from boiling water, put in a suitable container. Pour with brine immediately. In my photo there is a pickle from pickled cucumbers with mustard, from pickled cucumbers and from something else, I don't even remember.
With these pickles we fill our cabbage. We take out the container in a cool place for 2-4 days, but you can try it. The most delicious kryzhalka will turn out like this.
Squeeze the garlic into a bowl, add a little paprika and ground chili, mix with a small amount of fragrant bazaar vegetable oil. Spread this mixture generously on the crock-lighter, trying to get between the leaves, sprinkle with mustard seeds on top.
Tse bimba !!!


Each housewife has a pickle after barrel or pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini. Few people find further use for it, but in vain! Well, except for the husband, of course.
I suggest not pouring out the brine, but making a bombastic snack just "out of nothing"! Moreover, the more vigorous the brine, the tastier the cabbage! Very tasty from pickled vigorous vegetables!
People, this is sooo delicious !!!
In the villages of the Ukrainian hinterland, this is the first snack!

Who cannot eat spicy, you can simply cut this ready-made kryzalka like into a salad and season it with fragrant olia, this is how my husband eats it.
This cabbage tastes very different from the usual sauerkraut, and I like it more.

Wow, what an interesting recipe, I will definitely try to cook it, Thanks
You need to drink this lope of vodka in order to eat with so many pickles, so that there are three cans of brine left!
Easier to drink it the next day!

The recipe is wonderful, economical and tasty. The brine always remains, albeit in smaller quantities. I must somehow persuade my wife to repeat this recipe!
alba et atra
Sveta, what an interesting recipe!
Thank you!
We must try!
A very interesting recipe, I took it to the bookmarks, I'll try it somehow. How much is it stored in the refrigerator?
Oh, how much brine I poured out to no avail !!! And then, it turns out, he has a mega-tasty application! Oh, it's not in vain that we opened the cucumbers today and took the tomatoes out of the cellar. Let's finish them - let's start making a crochet
Igrig, Igor, I have the remaining brine perfectly stored on the cold loggia, I’m waiting for it to gather and make a kryzhalka. Or you can cook half a head of cabbage under the existing brine. There is complete freedom of action!
Nadyushich, Nadya, the kryzalka in the refrigerator in brine can be stored for at least 2 weeks or more And before eating, do it with a dressing, this without brine will lie for 3-4 days in the refrigerator.
Gulya, do it! It is delicious! Choose the most vigorous pickle and try.
Light, and after coating it must be kept or immediately!
Thanks for the recipe, now I will know where to put the brine, otherwise my heart bleeds when you pour it out ...
Svetta, and our kryzhalka is whole cabbage leaves, fermented or pickled.
And stuffed cabbage rolls are twisted from such leaves, then stewed. Delicious.
If your cabbage remains, have you tried to cut it down and stew it?
Ksyusha, yes, it takes at least a little time for the cabbage to soak.
Svetlana, well, this cabbage is also almost pickled, only at first it is slightly boiled until soft. Well, here's a recipe, such a technology that I know, I am sharing it. I didn’t try to extinguish, I do little, only for my husband. We hardly eat cabbage.
Quote: Svetta
Squeeze the garlic into a bowl, add a little paprika and ground chili, mix with a small amount of fragrant bazaar vegetable oil.
Well, good.
It's kind of kimchi in Ukrainian style
Quote: Zeamays
kimchi in Ukrainian style
Exactly! And I think it reminds me ...
Thank you!
Taste of childhood. Mom cooked her grandfather, and we dragged.
Natashahow great it is to remember childhood experiences. Cook, enjoy!
I'll try your option.
Recently, something like that came across, but they did the Komi like. At the first frosts (on November holidays), cabbage was cooked on the street in vats. chilled and somehow salted .. The whole village. They also wrote, the very first snack was.
Larissa, try it, the recipe is simple. Then tell about your impressions?
Quote: Svetta

Larissa, try it, the recipe is simple. Then tell about your impressions?
Yes, I have been planning to do this for a long time, but I didn’t come up with the idea to boil cabbage sectors. I know. I'll add cayenne pepper. -upssss .. you have it. Now it's up to the cabbage - don't forget to buy it.

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