Sweet coconut spirals

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Sweet coconut spirals


Coconut flakes 160 g
Powdered milk 65 g
Condensed milk 240 g
Cocoa 8 g

Cooking method

Sweet coconut spiralsWe combine all the ingredients except cocoa.
Sweet coconut spiralsMix thoroughly and divide the mass into two equal parts.
Sweet coconut spiralsAdd sifted cocoa to one of the parts and mix well.
Sweet coconut spiralsRoll two sausages from both parts. Mine are approximately 2.5 cm in diameter and ~ 40 cm long.
Sweet coconut spirals We weave a cord from "sausages".
Sweet coconut spiralsAnd we roll this cord again with a sausage.
Sweet coconut spiralsSprinkle the dessert with shavings on all sides.
Sweet coconut spiralsCut into portions and serve with tea!


For some, this dessert will remind you of sweets that we made in ancient Soviet times with a shortage of funds and sweets, for others, at a stretch - Raffaello or bounty. I saw it at Olga Lungu's, was impressed by its simplicity, pretty form and immediately prepared for the holiday my beloved son-in-law, who "drags on" everything coconut.

Larissa, how can I really respect such a thing, I could eat this deliciousness from a bowl, but I will make it beautifully
Thanks for the recipe dear
Laris, well, you know how to make candy out of ordinary things in the literal and figurative sense. It is a pity that I am not entitled to all this according to the status. Although I will love it with pleasure.
Well, such beauty and deliciousness must be done and hamster

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