British bread pudding

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British bread pudding


yesterday's bun (cake, croissant, loaf) 350 BC
sugar 2 tbsp. l.
egg 2 pcs.
yolk 2 pcs.
vanilla sugar 10 g
orange peel 1 tbsp. l.
milk 250 ml.
cream of any fat content 250 ml.
butter 50 g
Brown sugar 1 tbsp. l.
raisins optional 50-70 g.
powdered sugar

Cooking method

British bread pudding
Cut any loaf. I have last year's cake that lived well in the freezer.
British bread pudding
Grease each piece with oil on both sides.
British bread pudding
Place in a greased form.
British bread pudding
Mix milk, cream, eggs, yolks, sugar and vanilla sugar, adding zest.
British bread pudding
Pour into a mold. Leave to soak for 30 minutes. Sprinkle with raisins. I didn’t add because I have a cake with raisins. Sprinkle with brown sugar before placing in the oven.
British bread pudding
Put in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Sprinkle with powder before serving.
British bread pudding

British bread pudding
Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


I really like bread puddings. Recommend!

ang-kay, I like it too
The rolls are not at home, otherwise I would have already run to make
Lereledo you need to be adopted already? Poor thing, there is not even a roll at home. I'm waiting for what you will do.
Quote: ang-kay
do you need to be adopted already?
can I too? not a roll, not even a piece of bread. Pudding is super great. Angel, just reading and looking at your recipes already want to cook (and an inexplicable zhor
ang-kay, Yes!!! Take me. An orphan, I'm an orphan, but poorly dressed
The list grows, no lamb, no chicken, no chickpeas, and now there is no roll
In general, I really like the type of casserole made of bread, we have Kirschmishel, I often make the rolls remain, but from a sweet roll, like yours, in general, a bomb will turn out, well, it seems to me.

Svetlana, come. There are rolls almost always. If not rolls, then something from baked goods)
Quote: Lerele
no lamb, no chicken, no chickpeas, and now there is no roll
So I remember about it. Come on over. And bring my parmesan if you haven't eaten
And your pudding is great. Cherries in the subject.
In my profile there are such bread casseroles with minced meat and the second with a liver. There is also smoked meats. Tasty. I love.
Quote: ang-kay
I have last year's cake that lived well in the freezer.
Well Angela-experimenter! ... And what is delicious - I have no doubt
Angela, but I missed the cream - should they be taken with milk or instead of milk?
ang-kayI have no Parmesan, I have a hole in my head
I also made a type of bread casserole for breakfast, and I have a recipe, but sweets are more to my soul.
And the main thing is to do it very easily and always tasty.
Quote: Nagira
IrinaFor the last three years I have been baking all the cakes a couple of weeks before Easter. Then I take it out and glaze the required amount. I bake a lot and for a whole year, when I feel like it, I take it out, defrost it in the refrigerator in a bag and eat it.
Quote: Nagira
but I missed the cream
Yes, I missed it. Thank you for your attention. You need cream and milk. You can use one milk or one cream. Then take low-fat cream.
Angela, took it to bookmarks ...

ang-kay, but I wanted it so, but ..
I've made some croutons
British bread pudding

British bread pudding
lana light
Angela ang-kay, thanks for the recipe! As always, salivary photos, krrrasota!
I liked the original ingredients, and I'll try to cut the loaf into smaller cubes, as in "Bread Pie with Cherry" Lerele... Today I will probably experiment in the evening.
Sveta, I hope you like the result. If cut, the structure will be uniform. In the method shown, the top is crispy and the inside is soft.

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