Couscous with baked vegetables

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Couscous with baked vegetables


couscous 180gr
boiling water 450ml 450ml
not a big zucchini or zucchini 1
red pepper 1/2
yellow pepper 1/2
pine nuts

Cooking method

A very tasty, bright and aromatic dish.

The advantage of couscous is that it is not necessary to cook it, while vegetables are being baked, simply pour boiling water over it and leave it to swell. And baked vegetables in a Rawmid Air Fryer are ideal for this dish, especially on the grill mode.

Zucchini cut into half rings, pepper into slices.
Place vegetables in a baking sheet, cover with vegetable oil and grill for 15 minutes. I didn't change the time, I got perfect vegetables. There is also the "vegetables" mode, but I wanted it on the grill, then they acquired the desired softness and pleasant taste.
Pour boiling water over the couscous, cover the bowl tightly and let the couscous swell.
Loosen the prepared cereals with a fork, salt, add oil, chopped vegetables, herbs and pine nuts.
Couscous with baked vegetables
And serve as a separate dish or as a side dish.

Couscous with baked vegetables

Couscous with baked vegetables

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