Spring mood salad

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Spring mood salad


Chicken liver 300 g
Carrot 2 pcs
Potatoes 2 pcs
Egg 3 pcs
Onion 1 PC
Apple 1 PC
Pickled cucumber 2 pcs
For decoration:
Rye bread
Cherry tomatoes 3-4 pcs
Parsley leaves 2-3 twigs

Cooking method

Boil the liver, potatoes, carrots and eggs and cool.
Grate the liver, carrots, potatoes, cucumber and apple on a coarse grater. Chop the onion finely, you can fry if desired.
Lay out the salad in layers, smearing each layer with mayonnaise. The first layer is potatoes. Salt a little. The second layer is pickled cucumber. The third layer is liver with onions. The fourth layer is an apple. The fifth layer is carrots.

Cut the egg white into circles for decoration. And grate the rest of the protein on a fine grater. Put on half of the salad. On the second half, the yolk is also grated on a fine grater.

Cut strips from the crust of rye bread for the trunk and branches of the tree. Put on salad. And decorate with squirrel flowers, cherry halves and parsley leaves.

what a cute salad))) thanks for the recipe!
lettohka ttt
Spring has blown! Thanks for the recipe and the idea!
Marina, Natalia,
Girls, and thank you for stopping by !!!

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