Granny's radish salad

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Granny's radish salad


Sour cream
Vinegar or lemon juice

Cooking method

I do not give the amount of ingredients, it is individual.
A very simple and delicious radish salad, a salad of my childhood, which was often on our table in the summer.
So, my radishes and cut off the butt and tip. Then we cut the radishes, before my grandmother always cut with thin plastics, but other cuts will also go lazy, I have an alligator, 6 mm blocks are obtained.
We put in a dose with a lid.
Granny's radish salad
Now the actual cooking begins. Salt, pour in some lemon juice or vinegar, add sugar. See the amount for yourself, it depends on the amount of radish. Shake the radish lightly and add sour cream.
This is where the fun begins, cover the dose and shake it up and down and right to left.
We used to put it straight into a salad bowl, cover it with a plate and shake it. The most relish was then to lick this plate, because this dressing turns out to be unusually tasty, sweet and sour, and with radish juice also adds flavor.
Granny's radish salad

Everything, the salad is ready, enjoy! And get extra vitamins.
Granny's radish salad

Granny's radish salad

Lerele, wow, I have not tried this yet. To bookmarks!
Lerele, I was interested in a wonderful salad, I never did that. I will definitely try
Lerele, an interesting salad, you should definitely try. The husband loves radishes. A special thank you for the dose, I remembered my youth, we served in the GDR, five more years after we left, I called all the bowls doses
Valerka, hope you enjoy it !!
Tatyana1103, I really like it, and it couldn't be easier.
celfh, Well, a bowl is somehow not right, but dozaaaa
In general, I try not to confuse languages, I hate it when half is in Russian, the other in German. Although there are words, such as a term, bahnhof, well, they don't speak Russian, at least do something
I like radish salad with sour cream ... only sugar and lemon never added ... I'll try ...
Helen, it tastes better than with sour cream, a little sour, a little sweet, completely different than just with sour cream, I will eat everything at once
Class! Something new. Well, at least run to the store for radishes.
Lerele, what a delicious salad, you need to buy radishes. Thank you!

We are still very fond of your Turkish cucumber. I remember in that recipe, you promised one more
Yarik, well, if I promised, then I'll do it, I'll go see what I promised
I promised about radishes, so here it is, but I promised here

I'll go through the bookmarks, I didn't remember right away

Volgas, I like it, this well, very simple salad, I really like it, in fact, with a reedisk, basically it is on the table. Taste of childhood.

We know and adore such a gas station! Sometimes I add a spoonful of mayonnaise. But I did not try pure radishes with it, although I used it in salads with radishes. Well done for showing such a wonderful spring version!
Rada-dmsOh Ol, you yourself understand that all the tastiest things come from childhood.
Well, simplicity captivates cooking, try it, without mayo it is even better, easier, with mayonnaise a completely different taste and consistency.
Lereleof course I will try! I will definitely like it.
Well, we have already tried the salad. Delicious. Freshly. Thank you!!!
Granny's radish salad
Lerele, thanks for the simple, quick and delicious salad!
Volgas, nataliya_pl, very glad that I liked it !! I often do it, but today we only ate with kebabs, in the background you can see
Granny's radish salad

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